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Solar sprawl set to erase Vermont’s no-billboards tourism appeal

By   /  September 4, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of Vermonters for a Clean Environment

“If you did it all with large solar farms, you’d be talking about something on the order of 200 or 300 large solar projects around the state. To a lot of people’s ears that sounds significant.”

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Vermont utilities to meet state renewable standard with cheap hydro RECs

By   /  September 2, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

“We’re buying the cheapest hydro RECs and selling the more expensive solar and wind RECs.”

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Vermont town set for head-on collision with utility over green energy financing

By   /  August 29, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of town of Strafford

“If Strafford wants to do that, that’s a noble cause on their part. But they have to understand there’s no such thing as a free lunch. That changes the value of the project to the utility.”

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Some small business owners say better off before Vermont Health Connect

By   /  August 27, 2015  /  Health Care, Issues, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of state of Vermont

Leach said that with Vermont Health Connect, “You’re buying a Volkswagen, not a Cadillac. The premium looks the same, but your access to coverage is very restricted.”

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Vermont town protests renewable energy credits for Massachusetts, Connecticut

By   /  August 25, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

US Dept of Energy photo

“I don’t think most Vermonters would want to have our landscape covered with these things for the benefit of other states, even if this saves us a few dollars.”

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Vermont attorney general bucks New Hampshire, defends Planned Parenthood funds

By   /  August 21, 2015  /  Health Care, Issues, New Hampshire, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

Photo by Bruce Parker

“Given the strong support for women’s constitutional rights to reproductive freedoms in Vermont, I believe any significant reduction in support for Planned Parenthood in our state is unlikely.”

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