Does Gruber selection inspire confidence in VT’s costly single-payer consultants?

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Gruber: The Obamacare expert now says he was mistaken in 2012 presentation.

As controversy swirls around Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber’s selection as Vermont’s single-payer guru, Vermonters might wonder if money given to such consultants is well spent.

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Progressive state policy network leader: ‘Take down state policy networks’

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Wikimedia Commons: Levana Layendecker

Last week’s Netroots Nation gathering was billed as a “giant family reunion for the left.” The familial atmosphere generated by the progressive activists included one state network leader’s directive to “take down” conservative state policy networks nationwide.

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Vermont forced to make surprise budget cuts after revenue downgrade

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REVENUES GOING DOWN: Gov. Peter Shumlin announced his administration would recommend 4 percent cuts in spending after economists downgraded the state's revenue forecast for fiscal 2015.

Gov. Peter Shumlin and Secretary of Administration Jeb Spaulding on Thursday said they have begun recommending emergency cuts to Vermont’s 2015 budget after sagging fiscal year 2014 revenue forced a downgrade in the state’s financial outlook.

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Doctors: Health care monopoly driving them out of business

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DOC SHORTAGE: The underpayment of doctors by government health care plans is driving doctors out of business in Vermont.

Single-payer advocates promise high-quality low-cost health care for all. But physicians in Vermont say the state’s move towards a single-payer health care system is driving independent doctors out of business and eliminating patient choice.

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Open data pioneer: ‘I didn’t ask Congress, I just did it’

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Photo Credit: Daniel X. O'Neil

Waldo Jaquith didn’t set out to be a pioneer of government accountability. But after years of experimenting with government data for fun, the director of the U.S. Open Data Institute and creator of finds himself at the forefront of a transparency revolution.

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Medicaid expansion helps able-bodied adults, hurts poor and disabled

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NOT READY: Small business and Spanish language online enrollment isn't ready.

For years politicians have pitched universal health care as a compassionate and enlightened system that helps the poor and needy. A report released Thursday, however, claims such rhetoric is 180 degrees out of phase with reality.

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