Economic uncertainty grows as IBM pays $1.5 billion to leave Vermont

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IBM became the latest company to exit Vermont as Big Blue announced Monday it will pay Abu Dhabi-owned GlobalFoundries $1.5 billion take its money-losing Essex Junction semiconductor business off its hands.

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South Burlington teachers to make even more money than average Vermonters

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While details of an agreement reached Saturday between striking teachers and the South Burlington school board weren’t immediately disclosed, average Vermonters can be certain of one thing: South Burlington public school teachers are going to make even more money than they do.

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Vermont principal: Kids raised on gadgets boosting special education

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Taxpayers wanting to know why special education spending never declines in Vermont might as well “ask Siri.” But according to one principal, Siri could be part of the problem.

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Vermont schools have special spending on special ed

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Special education spending is headed higher again this year. But not to worry. Leaders of Vermont’s public schools say the money’s well spent.

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Vermont deer camp owner wins property tax victory

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FED-UP: Tom Chase drove his Ford F-350 1,340 miles across the Green Mountain State, visiting 19 towns, to find out his property is worth far less than what the town of Townshend claimed.

The owner of a rustic unoccupied deer camp in Vermont won a property tax victory over town listers after an appeal to the state exposed a flawed, highly suspicious assessment of his property.

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3.7 percent of voters in Burlington’s last big election not on rolls

By   /  October 8, 2014  /  Elections, Issues, News, Vermont, Voter Fraud, Voter Registration  /  No Comments


Unpublished data from Burlington’s last big election reveals a significant number of votes were cast by individuals whose names were not on the statewide checklist.

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