Vermont Gunners: Guns not safe with Shumlin

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Photo by Bruce Parker

With a major gun control push in the works for 2015, Second Amendment advocates in Vermont are keeping a close eye on the governor’s race — and two prominent gunners say Vermonters’ guns aren’t safe with Gov. Peter Shumlin.

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Indigenous, communists, freaks steal show at People’s Climate March in NYC

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Photo by Bruce Parker

Indian tribes, environmental activists, vegans, union members, communists and circus freaks united in Manhattan Sunday to protest fossil fuels and warn of imminent climate catastrophe ahead of Tuesday’s United Nations climate summit.

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Part 21 of 21 in the series Nanny State of the Week

By Eric Boehm |
Brownies, cookies, cupcakes and other essential elements of any successful bake sale have been banned by new rules for food in Vermont public schools.
Thanks to rules that grew out of a 2010 state law, bake sales used as school fundraisers [...]

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Bernie Sanders parachutes way out of a response to golden parachutes ad

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U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders has opted to parachute out of a response to a hard-hitting ad claiming he and his wife, Jane Sanders, benefited from a $200,000 golden parachute severance package from Burlington College.

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Shumlin’s single-payer health care agenda ‘down for maintenance’

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DRUG ABUSE: Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin is asking the public to participate in an upcoming forum on the state's opioid-abuse crisis.

Gov. Peter Shumlin said Tuesday that Vermont Health Connect, the Internet backbone of his Green Mountain Care single-payer scheme, is indefinitely down for maintenance.

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GMO labeling not about money for organics, says Vermont organic farmer-senator

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The fresh flow of money in politics usually signals that someone has something to gain from a change in laws and policies. But a Vermont senator and organic farmer claims when it comes to mandatory GMO labeling laws, supporters of the policy — typically organic activists — stand to lose. Or at least break even.

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