Erie eatery an example of innovative business launch campaign – without government

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Screenshot from Kickstarter video

Downtown Erie now hosts a restaurant with an innovative birth. Like My Thai began as a pop-up restaurant, but thanks to local professor’s ingenious program, the husband-wife team now has a restaurant of their own that has done so well that, one weekend, they had to turn some folks away.

Quickstarter is an innovative program for new-business development in the Erie region that assists “pre-entrepreneurs” design tailored fundraising projects, giving them a fuller toolkit to launch themselves into the fundraising arena – and into the marketplace at large.

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Could minimum wage increase save taxpayers billions on welfare?

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By Rachel Martin |
PITTSBURGH — Taxpayers are on the hook for billions each year in welfare to working families. That’s one message organizers of the “Fight for 15” campaign are trying to drive home.
“I shouldn’t have to be on welfare, when I work my ass off,” Ashona Osborne, participant at a rally in […]

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Could minimum wage increase save taxpayers billions on welfare?

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Photo by Rachel Martin

It’s an idea that gets at something not often discussed in the national debate over hiking the minimum wage: Maybe it’s not just companies versus workers, or government versus companies. Maybe taxpayers are a vital part of the equation, paying to support both halves of an unhealthy relationship that has exploded onto the streets in the past year.

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PA lawmaker again tries to pull state from ‘bottom of the barrel’ in terms of citizen trust

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Screenshot from Pennsylvania House video

One Pennsylvania legislator is taking a third swing at increasing transparency about lawmakers’ work, incomes and possible conflicts. “We’re at the bottom of the barrel right now,” in terms of how much citizens trust government, State Rep. Tony DeLuca, D-Allegheny, told “We’re down there with the attorneys,” he jokingly added.

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New state prison facing old problem: Money

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If you were looking forward to a brand-spanking new prison in Nebraska, look again.
A $300 million dollar price-tag finds lawmakers examining a list of other options.

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Winner-take-all fight is on Omaha’s 2016 House race radar

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Along with all the talk about how Nebraska awards electoral votes in presidential elections, and there’s been plenty over the past several years, this year’s fight over winner-take-all has new repercussions. AKA: Brad Ashford’s re-election

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