With ‘instant access’ to sway Congress, Eric Cantor cashes in

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DOWN AND OUT: GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was ousted in his party's primary by tea party candidate Dave Brat.

There’s no need to feel so sorry for Eric Cantor, the U.S. House majority leader from Virginia who fell spectacularly in a May primary to a little-known college professor. Those 13 years in Congress paid off.

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Economist: Cut VA governor’s ability to favor firms to prevent future scandals

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'UNCONSCIONABLE': Gov. Bob McDonnell said the bipartisan budget failures in Washington, D.C. are a "pox on both houses."

For the last few weeks, much of former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s defense in his federal corruption trial has been pretty simple — what he did for businessman Jonnie Williams, and what Williams did for him, was all just business as usual. And in arguing his innocence by showing the jury that his relationship with Williams was perfectly normal, McDonnell and his defense team are also pinpointing how detrimental it can be to Virginia when the governor views it as part of his job description to privilege particular firms and has the power to do so, one economist says.

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Medicaid expansion debate drives lobbyist spending in Virginia

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Watchdog file photo

The gifts scandal, turned indictment, turned trial of former Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife hasn’t deterred spending by Virginia lobbyists.

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VA House speaker: McAuliffe has Medicaid problem

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HOUSE CALL: House Speaker William Howell and fellow Republican leaders in the GOP-dominated chamber remain staunchly opposed to Medicaid expansion.

By Kenric Ward | Watchdog.org Virginia Bureau
RICHMOND, Va. — Plans to expand Medicaid in Virginia may not be dead on arrival at the General Assembly, but they’re struggling for life support.
“It’s such a big new entitlement at a time when we need to be looking hard at the cost of entitlements,” House Speaker William Howell told [...]

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Attorney: McAuliffe is ‘100 percent divested’ of GreenTech

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HE'S OUT: Terry McAuliffe retains no financial interest in GreenTech Automotive, according to the attorney overseeing the governor's personal holdings.

Part 74 of 74 in the series Terry McAuliffe – Carmogul

By Kenric Ward | Watchdog.org Virginia Bureau
RICHMOND, Va. — Gov. Terry McAuliffe has “100 percent divested” himself of GreenTech Automotive, the electric car company he pointed to as evidence of his business savvy during his successful run for Virginia’s top office.
Thomas Richardson, a Washington, D.C., attorney who [...]

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For ACLU VA head, oversight, transparency are key in police militarization discussion

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POLICE TRANSPARENCY: The ACLU of Virginia's executive director says transparency and oversight are key in the DoD 1033 program, among other police duties.

There aren’t too many requirements for local law enforcement agencies in Virginia to acquire excess military equipment — and once they do, they don’t always disclose what they have.

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