VA Democrat urges governor, legislators to scrutinize tax preferences

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DAVID TOSCANO: Democratic Delegate David Toscano of Charlottesville says Virginia needs to take a good, hard look at tax preferences.

Virginia’s Democratic House Minority Leader David Toscano has a solution for Virginia’s current fiscal crisis — try eliminating some tax preferences that don’t work.

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Officials quiet as police cite Uber-driving, retired Navy dad

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MINIMALIST IN BLACK: This is actually the chattier of Uber's logos.

Sean Berry didn’t set out to break the law when he started driving for Uber to supplement his Navy retirement income and support his wife, 11-year-old daughter and newly adopted 3-month-old son.

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Rural county digs deeper hole for family farmers

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FAMILY FARMS: Virginia is among the nation's leaders in farmer's markets, which are fed largely by family farms.

Thumbing its nose at Virginia’s Freedom-to-Farm law, a rural county moved to restrict commercial agriculture in one of its districts.

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Proposed Virginia budget changes don’t address deeper fiscal woes

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With Virginia set to rake in about $2.4 billion less than state leaders were originally planning to spend over the next two years, Virginia lawmakers will likely be voting on some budget changes in the week ahead. Still, in treating the budget crisis as a revenue problem, state leaders didn’t address some deeper fiscal considerations — like soaring spending, tax preferences and long-term debt.

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Just Dandy: Residents want rural county to ban farming

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BATTLEGROUND: Historic York County is facing a land war of a different kind as some residents seek to pre-empt Virginia's right-to-farm law.

By Kenric Ward | Virginia Bureau
YORK, Va. — Attempting to pre-empt Virginia’s freedom-to-farm law, residents in a York County community want local officials to ban agricultural activity in their neighborhood.
More than 130 Dandy residents have signed a petition asking the Board of Supervisors to ban commercial farming — a move to thwart state legislation restricting local [...]

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Illegals in the wind as DMV worker gets off easy in bribery case

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Nearly a year after a Virginia DMV worker and two others were convicted of selling drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, the 100-plus buyers remain at large.

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