St. Paul’s College president: Federal funds to house border kids like ‘manna from heaven’

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When it closed last year, Lawrenceville’s private St. Paul’s College had some serious debts to pay. So, accepting the federal government’s offer to pay the shuttered Virginia college $160,000 a month for housing unaccompanied children who cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally made financial sense.

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Saying ‘no’ to undocumented kids lands town in hot water

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Immigration Overload-Lawyers

One small Virginia town’s opinion has become the target of a racial discrimination complaint by a fair housing group and the shuttered college that would have benefited from housing undocumented immigrant minors.

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‘Radical centrist’ Warner bullish on tax hikes

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Sen. Mark Warner, the self-proclaimed “radical moderate,” isn’t so middle-of-the-road when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars.

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Experts: VA retirement system’s six-figure salaries shed light on larger pension woes

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The Virginia Retirement System is projected to adopt new pension accounting rules set by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board in FY 2014.

The officers running Virginia’s underfunded pension system are making more than anyone in the state — and will be getting sweet checks in retirement, too.

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Arlington streetcar moves amid rising costs, controversy

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TRANSIT POLITICS: Though Columbia Pike is served by more than a dozen bus routes daily, Arlington officials want to dedicate a lane of traffic for a streetcar project, most recently priced at $560 million.

An opponent says it’s “a long way from being done,” but a controversial streetcar project with a ballooning $560 million price tag got another push from the Arlington County Board on Tuesday.

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Caucus ready to target plate readers, drones

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The government is watching you. Local police in Virginia randomly collect and keep photographs of license plates. Virginia universities are testing drones, and as of next July, police and other Virginia authorities will be able to use the unmanned devices, too.

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