In race for Virginia governor, former congressman stokes anti-Trump angst

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Tom Perriello hopes to turn Virginia Democrats’ distaste for President Donald Trump against his own party’s establishment choice for governor.

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Watered-down Virginia bill no longer limits government broadband growth

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“Taxpayers need oversight of these projects and we need answers,” he told “When you have watered-down bills like this you don’t get the oversight to make sure taxpayers dollars aren’t wasted.”

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Kaine gets it wrong on school choice and Virginia’s past

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Christian Schneider, a member of USA Today‘s Board of Contributors and a columnist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, took Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine to task for trying to tie school choice programs to his state’s sorry history of massive resistance to school desegregation. “When African-American leaders like Howard Fuller and Wisconsin state Rep. Annette “Polly” Williams […]

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Little data to support contention that sanctuary-city policies help police

By   /  February 8, 2017  /  Federal government, Immigration, News, Texas, Virginia  /  No Comments

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The oft-repeated claim that local enforcement of immigration law scares witnesses from reporting crime turns out to be an urban legend. In fact, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement allows fast-track visa approval for victims and witnesses of crimes.

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Virginia bill would require cities to show need before building broadband networks

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A bill under consideration in the Virginia Legislature would require municipalities to show strong need before building taxpayer-supported broadband networks.

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New York Law School: Government broadband a taxpayer sinkhole

By   /  December 20, 2016  /  National, News, Technology, Virginia  /  No Comments

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Despite the “very poor (and expensive) track record of GONs, a seemingly ever-changing narrative about the perceived viability of municipal broadband has succeeded in gaining some legitimacy — a fact evidenced by the FCC’s efforts and related federal initiatives,” the report stated.

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