The people Bob McDonnell once governed will decide his fate

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Bob McDonnell, Maureen McDonnell

Potential juror after potential juror strode into the stately courtroom on Monday, their uncertain and inquisitive eyes glimpsing, most of them for the first time in person, the man they until six months ago called their governor.

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Warner, Gillespie, battle Washington ties in VA Senate race

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U.S. Sen. Mark Warner introduced the Housing Reform and Taxpayer Protection Act of 2013 last week, which proposes the wind down of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in five years. (Photo by John Rohrbach)

At a time when American’s confidence in Congress and Washington in general is at historic lows, both Democratic Sen. Mark Warner and his Republican challenger Ed Gillespie will have to prove they’re not Washington men.

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Week in Review: Another week and still no answers

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AP file photo

Gov. Terry McAuliffe took the time to do a lot of things since last week. But none of them had to do with answering a growing public concern about illegal immigration in Virginia and the nation.

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Economists: There’s room for improvement in Virginia unemployment

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NOT EVEN CLOSE: Economists say raising minimum wages doesn't result in job growth.

Unemployment numbers in Virginia aren’t too bad, but economists still say there’s room for improvement.

Unemployment is down in Virginia from 5.7 percent a year ago and is lower than the national rate (6.1 percent), according to the Virginia Employment Commission. Virginia’s jobless rate stood at 5.3 percent in June, up from 5.1 percent in May.

Keith Hall, a senior research fellow at George Mason’s Mercatus Center in Fairfax, said he thinks Virginia needs continued growth in the labor market and he’s worried about what the government is doing to raise the cost of hiring.

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With Libertarian shut out, surveillance, cronyism removed from U.S. Senate race debate

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THE THIRD OPTION: Libertarian Robert Sarvis is eager to challenge status quo politics in Washington.

As Democratic Sen. Mark Warner and his Republican challenger Ed Gillespie face off on Saturday in the first U.S. Senate debate of the year at the luxurious, four-star Greenbrier Hotel and Resort nestled in the mountains of West Virginia, something will be missing. That is, something will be missing other than the average Virginians who can’t make it out to West Virginia for the debate run by and attended by lawyers of the Virginia Bar Association.

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U.S. judge hands Watchdog a victory over VA governor’s green-car company

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MISSISSIPPI BOUND: Virginia officials predicted McAuliffe's car-building venture would find itself in a "funding gap."

Part 73 of 73 in the series Terry McAuliffe – Carmogul

By Will Swaim |
A U.S. judge in Mississippi on Thursday threw out an $85-million lawsuit in which an electric car company founded by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe alleged had libeled the firm.
Judge Michael P. Mills said GreenTech Automotive failed to prove his Mississippi [...]

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