Red light for McAuliffe: Veto override looms

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Terry McAuliffe,

Virginia Lawmakers from both parties are poised to override the Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe who rejected legislation giving camera-ticketed motorists a second appeal.

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Tax Day is over, but Virginians are still toiling to pay Uncle Sam

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April 15 may be over and done with, but Virginians still have to work a few more days to placate Uncle Sam. Old Dominion residents have to work four days longer this year than last to pay off their federal, state and local taxes.

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Week in Review: Police spying and economic woes

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FIGHT TO FINISH: Democrats and Republicans are wrangling for the final votes in Fairfax County.

By Bre Payton | Virginia Bureau
PURCELLVILLE, Va. — This week, broke a story revealing how Alexandria police capture and store license plate information and what lawmakers intend to do about it.
Virginia’s economy is being overshadowed by its southern neighbor, while the fight over Medicaid expansion could injure Virginia’s AAA bond rating.
Gov. Terry McAulife has remained [...]

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GOP duels over Dems crashing Fauquier party

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FEUDING REPUBLICANS: A recent party election is being contested by a group of candidates claiming the vote was hijacked by Democrats.

Republicans in heavily GOP Fauquier County are feuding over the outcome of a local party election.

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Eyes off: Some lawmakers want to restrict license plate readers

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While some Virginia lawmakers plan to file legislation restricting police use of controversial automatic license plate reader technology, others are hesitating. Police use of ALPR technology is something that hits home with many Virginians and people around the country, as dozens of emails from readers indicated after broke a story this week revealing how Alexandria police had captured this reporter’s license plate multiple times on camera over a six-month period.

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