Citizens flay Virginia’s debt-ridden King George County

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REFORMER: Supervisor Ruby Brabo clashes with fellow board members over tourism and fiscal issues. She conducts workshops to educate and motivate prospective political candidates.

King George County, a rural enclave of 25,000 people, has racked up $100 million in debt with a spending spree on new public buildings.

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In Powhatan, the public pension crisis is local and personal 

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The battle over public pensions isn’t just some amorphous thing at the federal and state levels — it’s playing out in Virginia schools.

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Wheels of justice turn quickly for FBI fender bender

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White Collar Sentencing

The federal government has taken over the case of an FBI employee involved in a fender bender.

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McAuliffe visits two companies on China trip

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MILES TO GO: Pictured before his trade mission to China and Great Britain, Gov. Terry McAuliffe and state officials racked up $99,000 in airfares.

By Kenric Ward | Virginia Bureau
RICHMOND, Va. — Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s trip to China and Great Britain last month cost more than $125,000 in taxpayer money, nearly $100,000 of it in airfares, according to documents obtained by
The eight-day trade mission included visits to two Chinese companies: Tranlin Paper Co., which previously announced plans to [...]

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Virginia budget could be $2.4B short as governor pushes health insurance expansion

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HE MEANS BUSINESS: From Mississippi to Virginia, Terry McAuliffe straddles the political and business worlds.

Virginia’s bleak financial outlook just got gloomier. Gov. Terry McAuliffe told members of the joint House and Senate money committees on Friday that Virginia is projected to rake in $2.4 billion less than it’s budgeted to spend over a three-year period. That’s almost a billion more than the shortfall state officials had projected earlier this year.

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$15 billion in unfunded county debts go dark in Virginia

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LICENSE TO PRINT MONEY:  Virginia's auditing agency is no longer disclosing the unfunded debt of counties and municipalities. At last report, the figure topped $15 billion.

By Kenric Ward | Virginia Bureau
RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia has stopped reporting billions of dollars in unfunded county debts, leaving the public in the dark about the depth of the red ink.
The last online report by the state Auditor of Public Accounts showed that Virginia’s 95 counties had piled up $15.4 billion — $15,474,494,443 to [...]

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