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Education week-in-review: Ghost teachers and the ghost of Jim Crow

By   /  April 24, 2015  /  Education, Education Blog, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

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From taxpayer-funded ghosts in Philadelphia to a flawed study trying to scare people by invoking the ghost of Jim Crow, it’s been a frighteningly busy week in education.

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Mark Herring stumbles in Sweet Briar patch

By   /  April 24, 2015  /  Commentary, Education, News, Politics & Elections, Virginia  /  No Comments

HAPPIER DAYS: Sweet Briar's Class of 1990, among others, is up in arms about Attorney General Mark Herring's "friend of the court" brief.

“Remember Sweet Briar.” Those three words could be the campaign cry of anyone — Democrat, Republican or Libertarian — who challenges Attorney General Mark Herring in the 2017 election.

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Business lobby fuels incumbents; individuals fund challengers

By   /  April 24, 2015  /  News, Politics & Elections, State Government, Virginia  /  No Comments


When it comes to campaign money, it’s a David vs. Goliath scenario for candidates who dare take on incumbents with chests of cash from business and trade lobbyists.

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Virginia AG, county attorney spar over Sweet Briar women’s college

By   /  April 22, 2015  /  Education, Education Blog, News, Virginia  /  No Comments

HOSTILE TAKEOVER? Sweet Briar College announced it is closing, but angry alumnae say they won't let their school go down without a fight.

Angry alumnae of Sweet Briar College are accusing Attorney General Mark Herring of “waging war on women’s education.” The charge comes in the wake of an abrupt announcement the historic women’s college in Amherst will shut down Aug. 25.

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Republicans blast ‘most-traveled’ McAuliffe

By   /  April 20, 2015  /  Economy, Jobs + Growth, National, News, Virginia  /  No Comments

CASH AND CLINTON: Terry McAuliffe says Virginia's economy is his top priority. Republicans say Job One for the governor is getting Hillary Clinton elected president.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe told a national audience Sunday that Virginia’s economy is “roaring,” thanks to him. But economists aren’t so bullish, and McAuliffe’s critics say presidential politics is Job One for the Democrat.

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Education week-in-review: less funding, more questions about sexual identity

By   /  April 17, 2015  /  Education, Education Blog, Illinois, Louisiana, New York, News, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

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From New York, where charter schools face difficulties because they receive less funding than other public schools, to Vermont, where the state wants to know more about students’ sexual identities, to Philadelphia, where books fill dusty basements more than classrooms, it’s been a week of education stories in which the keywords are “less” and “more.”

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