December will bring legislative, judicial scrutiny of Virginia’s restrictive health care regulations

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Two big deadlines are looming in the ongoing effort to fix Virginia’s health care laws.

It’s a fight that Mark Baumel has been engaged in for years.

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Roanoke City Council adopts ‘anti-corruption’ resolution

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Photo credit: Facebook

Roanoke became the first Virginia city and the eighth locality nationwide to pass a local “anti-corruption” resolution backed by nonprofit Represent.Us.

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How one congressional investigation into a climate scientist is different from another

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Photo from Flickr Commons

The questions surrounding climate scientist Jagadish Shukla are different than the complaints earlier this year about seven other scientists.

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Congress investigating scientist who advocated RICO use for climate change skeptics

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Photo from George Mason University website

The Republican chairman of a committee on Capitol Hill demands information from climate scientist Jagadish Shukla of George Mason Unversity.

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Critics pound scientist who wants to use anti-Mafia laws to silence climate-change skeptics

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Jagadish Shukla signed a letter calling for RICO investigations into climate change debates. Now, Shukla’s own finances are getting looked at by Congress.

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RICO letter to Obama gets curiouser and curiouser

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Excerpt of letter originally posted to

Huh? A controversial letter that 20 climate scientists signed calling for a RICO investigation has been posted, taken down and re-posted as “inadvertent.”

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