On-again, off-again sale of Virginia government broadband to private provider is on-again

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“They did not give us approvals, but they told us we should move forward with the one-stage process,” Paul Elswick said.

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In shooter’s wake, election group blasts ‘open borders voting’

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An election-integrity group accused the federal government of “an open-borders approach to voting” after learning that a noncitizen charged in a deadly mall shooting cast several ballots since 2014.

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Do we focus too much on teacher quality?

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One of the fathers of education reform says the movement focuses too much on teacher quality.

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VP hopeful Kaine’s wife resigns education position

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Anne Holton, wife of Democrat vice president candidate Tim Kaine, has resigned her position as Virginia’s education secretary.

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What’s in a name? History, and quite a bit of money

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There’s the Confederacy. And then there’s the cost. Confederate cavalry Gen. James Ewell Brown (Jeb) Stuart of the Army of Northern Virginia died at the Battle of Yellow Tavern on May 11, 1864. Now some of his fellow northern Virginians are trying to kill him again. An effort to change the name of  J.E.B. Stuart High School […]

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Fear and loathing in Philly on Day 3 of the Democratic Party pageant

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It was the biggest show so far in a convention that has been a celebration of big government and identification politics.

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