Colorado buys natural gas vehicles for facilities with no nearby fueling stations

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U.S. Department of Energy Photo

Colorado has so far spent $8 million in taxpayer money on nearly 240 compressed natural gas vehicles, with dozens of them stationed in places where there is no compressed natural gas filling stations, has learned.

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Mississippi ACLU opposes armored vehicles for sheriffs

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PHOTO BY: Navistar Defense

If the American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi has its way, the flow of military-grade armored vehicles from federal surplus to local law enforcement will return to sender.

Return to sender.

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Mississippi taxpayers could be on the hook for $69 million loan to KiOR

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IDLE: The Kior plant in Columbus, Mississippi is designed to turn wood chips into gasoline. The state loaned the company $75 million with a no-interest loan to build the Columbus facility and a larger plant in Natchez in 2010.

Biofuel manufacturer KiOR’s financial struggles might leave Mississippi holding the title to another failed green energy project.

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One-vendor broadband contract represents sweetheart deal

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Eagle-NET is providing unfair competition to smaller companies, critics say

Sweetheart deals don’t get any better than this.

A 10-year contract with no competition gets a two-year extension, even before the contract expires.

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Raft of new Mississippi laws now in effect

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FLYING HIGH: Mississippi's state budget has the highest percentage of federal funds by any state, according to a recent report. PHOTO BY: CREATIVE COMMONS

Each July 1, all of the laws passed by the Mississippi Legislature go into effect. Here are some of the laws that went live Tuesday.

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Tax incentives play heavy role in Mississippi solar power

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Entergy is dipping its proverbial toes into the solar power waters with a new experimental project in Mississippi, and the company may raise its rates, as well.

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