Haupt’s Take: Will Obamacare ever go away?

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By William Haupt III | Haupt’s Take “Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialized State.”  (Vladimir Lenin) The Social Transformation of American Medicine by sociologist Paul Starr depicts the rise of our sovereign medical profession and how it became such a vast enterprise. He claims the autonomy of our medical professionals has […]

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Haupt’s Take: When the going gets tough, the tough get going

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By William Haupt III | Haupt’s Take “I got something to tell you, I got something to say. I’m gonna put this dream in motion, Never let nothing stand in my way. When the going gets tough, The tough get going.” (Billy Ocean) Most all of us have heard the 1985 song, When The Going […]

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Haupt’s Take: Trans-U.S. migration, a double-edged sword

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By William Haupt III | Haupt’s Take “There’s noting wrong with being a loser, if your cause is just and your heart is your weapon.” (Paul Newlen) The expression “The South shall rise again” is one that everyone has heard. This is not only in the southern states but throughout the entire nation. It has […]

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Haupt’s Take: The people, the makers of law

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Although we do not have direct democracy in our republic, we have it in over 50 percent of our states.

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Individuals, not government, fixing discrimination in Philly

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Discrimination in Philadelphia’s ‘Gayborhood’ has prompted a heavy-handed reaction from the city. But have residents shown that a non-governmental approach will work best?

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Haupt’s Take: A renaissance of states’ rights

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Unlike the 1980s era, most states are stuck on one side or the other of the red-blue ideological divide, pursuing predictable policies depending on which party controls the statehouse. Its time to set aside this ideology and recall what our founders believed.

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