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Education week-in-review: Ghost teachers and the ghost of Jim Crow

By   /  April 24, 2015  /  Education, Education Blog, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Education Watchdog_square-01 (1)

From taxpayer-funded ghosts in Philadelphia to a flawed study trying to scare people by invoking the ghost of Jim Crow, it’s been a frighteningly busy week in education.

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School district praises charter school, but won’t let it help failing public school

By   /  April 24, 2015  /  Education, News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments photo

Patricia Hoben laughed quietly when asked if she saw anything ironic in this week’s Milwaukee Public Schools press release praising Carmen High School of Science and Technology for its latest achievement.

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U.S. Supreme Court to consider hearing John Doe-related case

By   /  April 23, 2015  /  First Amendment, News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

AP file photo

Friday is a big day in John Doe Land.

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether to take up O’Keefe v. Chisholm, the civil rights lawsuit filed by conservative targets of Wisconsin’s secret and political John Doe probe. The defendants in this case are the prosecutors, principally Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm.

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Ron Kind knew about Tomah VA abuse years before the story broke

By   /  April 23, 2015  /  News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Photo by The Associated Press

The abuse scandal that has rocked the Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center is marked by a long line of governmental failures.

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What did the Journal Sentinel know and when did it know it?

By   /  April 23, 2015  /  First Amendment, News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Photo by Wisconsin Public Television

MADISON, Wis. – The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Patrick Marley confirms he was the mysterious reporter Cindy Archer spotted as armed police swarmed her home during a dramatic September 2011 police raid, one of several in the Milwaukee district attorney’s secret war on conservatives.

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Debate focuses on thorny facts the #Blacklivesmatter movement ignores

By   /  April 22, 2015  /  News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Photo by's Courtney Mullen

A frequent contributor to Fox News and the Wall Street Journal has injected an oft-missing issue in the #blacklivesmatter movement: facts.

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