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Concealed carry law turns 5, license renewal notices being mailed out

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“Hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites hold a concealed carry license, making our state a safer place to live, work, and raise a family.”

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Senate leader says OSPP failure could lead to state aid cut

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Business advocates like the Milwaukee 7 have come to the defense of the embattled Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. Photo: M7

State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said in a television interview airing Sunday that the legislature might consider state aid cuts to Milwaukee Public Schools as a result of the district’s refusal to cooperate with the Opportunity Schools Partnership Program. “Unfortunately, I think the only hammer is, listen, if you’re not going to participate, if you’re going […]

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Kooyenga: Breakup of Milwaukee Public Schools on the table

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SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER: Milwaukee Public Schools is costing taxpayers million by blocking choice schools from buying empty buildings.

State Rep. Dale Kooyenga is ready to consider drastic measures to reform Milwaukee Public Schools after the resignation of Opportunity Schools Partnership Program Commissioner Demond Means. “We’ll go back to the drawing board. We’ll see if we can improve on the current plan or something different altogether,” Kooyenga said in an interview. “That could include […]

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Retaliation rolls on as probe heats up into Social Security office misconduct

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They’re mad at me because I went to the press and the Senate, but this is the exact reason why I went to them in the first place.”

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Advocates argue criminal justice system needs major overhaul

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MILWAUKEE – The criminal justice system needs a major overhaul, policy experts and community leaders say. A panel hosted by the Libre Institute met at a local Milwaukee parish Tuesday to discuss the problems facing law and order in Wisconsin and nationwide. The United States incarcerates approximately 1.6 million inmates in federal and state prisons, more […]

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Demond Means resigns as OSPP commissioner

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“We would hope that he (Chris Abele) learned a lesson: That if you’re going to cozy up to the Milwaukee Public Schools, nothing is going to happen.”

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