The silence of the left is the Dems’ transparency hypocrisy

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“Instead of complying with our request, Justice Abrahamson is using taxpayer money to hire an attorney to assist her,” said conservative target Eric O’Keefe

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Sanfelippo fires back at Dems who fear DPI ‘power grab’

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Photo submitted by Rep. Joe Sanfelippo

“Besides, it really shouldn’t matter which party makes the appointment. All that matters is we pick the best possible candidate and see steady improvement in our public school system,” Sanfelippo wrote.

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Judge orders GAB to turn over emails with liberal groups

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Kevin Kennedy at GAB

A Waukesha County judge has ordered the state Government Accountability Board to turn over communications it had with liberal political groups.

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Supreme Court will not hear Kelly Rindfleisch’s Fourth Amendment case

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Supreme Court

Rindfleisch became the first – and hopefully last – political prisoner in Wisconsin’s wide-ranging John Doe investigation.

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Liberals’ version of ALEC doing what liberals chastise ALEC for doing

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State Innovation Exchange

Imitation – even tinged with a healthy heaping of hypocrisy – is, indeed, the sincerest form of flattery.

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Will the voices of the John Doe victims be heard?

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GAB office

“People’s homes were raided in the dark over speech.”

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