Celebrating 25 years of school choice in Milwaukee

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Cities and villages would be OK should a judge's ruling tossing out portions of Act 10 stand, says municipality advocate.

“It’s based upon opportunity and hope, and I started it because I wanted more minority students to graduate from high school and that we’re finding is certainly a reality, it’s not as good as I would like, but it’s certainly going in the right direction,” he said.

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Taxpayers on hook for at least $187,000 to defend rogue GAB

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Photo by trepscore.com

The GAB’s attorneys have been busy in recent weeks trying to defend an agency on the brink of destruction.

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel mentions petition to remove Milwaukee DA — finally

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Better late than never seems to be the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s attitude to reporting on an effort to oust Milwaukee DA John Chisholm.

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Court will choose ‘the real boss’ when it comes to education rules in Wisconsin

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The State Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Tuesday about who is “the real boss” when it comes to setting rule for education in Wisconsin.

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Spokeswoman: Walker’s office reviewing petition seeking DA’s removal

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AP file photo

“Our legal counsel is currently reviewing the petition,” Walker spokeswoman Laurel Patrick told Wisconsin Watchdog Tuesday evening.

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Dane County Ethics Board to hear complaint against sheriff after long hiatus

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Photo from Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley campaign Facebook page

Dane County resident Robert Hall brought the complaint in April, alleging that Democrat Mahoney violated the county’s ethics code when he appeared in a campaign ad for liberal Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley

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