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Wisconsin GOP delegate standing by his candidate – and it’s not Trump

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GOP Cleveland

While Cleveland may be Donald Trump’s Republican Party coronation, a lot of folks in Wisconsin have pledged their support to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

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Harry Reid blocks vote on Whistleblower Protection Act

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“Senator Reid prefers to play election-year politics, using the finest among us as a political football,” Johnson said in a statement.

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A year after Supreme Court pronounces John Doe dead, conservatives still waiting for justice

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“The process continues to be the punishment for people who were found ‘wholly innocent of any wrongdoing,’” she said.

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Milwaukee County Transit’s ‘free’ ride program costing taxpayers millions

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“Policymakers went (out) of their way to hide the true costs of the program and now those selfish actions are coming back to bite us,” Alexander said

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Sparking an education savings account debate in Wisconsin

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The authors of a new report on what other states have learned about education savings accounts hope it will spark a debate among Wisconsin lawmakers on adding ESAs to the school choice menu in the Badger State. “We want it to be a starting off point to have this discussion here in Wisconsin and make sure […]

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What email scandal? Marquette poll finds Clinton still up on Trump

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There has been little movement from last month’s poll, when Clinton led Trump 42 percent to 35 percent.

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