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  • Mike Morgan

    I just wanted to comment that I love the new look/layout of your website. Very nice.


  • http://watchdog.org Admin

    Thanks, Mike!

  • Scott Merker

    for Ben DeGrow on his JeffCo bond issue piece:

    Nice piece. May be room for a followup covering potential corruption angle.


    Adams has had more recent corruption headlines but JeffCo had plenty of its own issues (I’m sure still does) and the bond guys will go wherever they small money.


  • Lynn Harris

    I really need someone to call me ASAP! I have information about not only government waste but waste that could have contributed to the death of a long time friend of mine! Now I am receiving death threats with little to no help from local police! I am a disabled woman who lives alone and I am in fear of my life!!! I just left a voice mail on your machine where you will find my phone number. PLEASE call me ASAP! Does anyone out there know of a good lawyer?

  • adam

    Illinois prisons are donating a large percent of the produce that they grow in the prisons. Yet the inmates are not receiving any of this produce. They are feeding barely feeding these men.

  • Monte Bowers

    Recently watched one man get charged while the drinking buddy of the DNR officer did not even get a warning. Glad to supply details to anyone interested, I called Columbia Office and get stonewalled. Monte Bowers 803-944-5527 Newberry County Region 3

  • AC

    When are Americans going to be paid back for “black boxed” recalled medications. Not to speak of damages.

  • delciacrockett

    I just saw this video while researching police breaking the law. http://policethugs.com/video-multiple-lmpd-officers-being-investigated-for-recent-incidents/ They not only allowed a bad neighbor to stalk and harass me, but they told me not to call them, and said she could break the law – for me not to call, that was not what they were there for. I have no criminal record and they almost put me in handcuffs and took me out of my own home, after I put a note on her windshield and asked her to leave me alone and explained why, after my spending 10 years of trying to be a good neighbor and friend to her, and all she did was hurt me and others in word and deed. I did not resist arrest. The officer who arrived used intimidating and severe language and threat of my property and wages being taken from me, as well as my going to jail. Then, the police put me under surveillance for more than a year (still under it) and followed me every where I went. It affected my church worship, my job, my private home life, even my walk on the trail. I am a prisoner in my own home. And I am a person who has never smoked, drunk, been around drugs and am a devoted wife and mother. One of the officers is said to be “in love” with me, but it all stems from the bad neighbor and my just wanting my privacy and right to be left alone. Every word I say and every move I make in private is being made a matter of record, and for no other reason than just because they can. The neighbor can be heard, at any given point. I am sick of this. What can I do, but go public with a full investigation request. In Columbia, Missouri, I am doing everything I can to get a full investigation of the CPD. Is there any advice you can can give me? There are other cases of police abuse in this town, even an officer serving time for murder and an officer who went into a cell and injured someone in aggressive bullying and assault. He lost his job, but he should have been charged with assault, as he cost the city a small fortune in settlement money. He should have been made to make restitution of that money to the hard-working, honest taxpayers in this town. At present, three top candidates for deputy chief are all women, when a “nationwide search” is said to have taken place. Our town hired an outside chief who now seems to be practicting the inside favoritism that he was hired to clean up the town of crime. Crime has risen in Columbia. There are robberies and shootings on a regular basis, when just a little over 10 years ago, Columbia was named in a national magazine as in the top ten safest places in America to live. I do not feel safe. I, who thought the police were earth angels in uniform before this happened to me, am now among those who do not look at the police, their cars in passing and want nothing to do with them, in any way. They have taken away my feeling of safety. No wonder Columbia is losing its safe status in the country. It is hitting home on each street in which we live, day by day. Thank you for your time and help. I need answers, and the public deserves the right to know. Some things are worth believing it, and when that trust is gone, the feeling of safety is gone with it. Sincerely, Delcia Crockett

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004493079522 Will Cecil Bleuher

    State and Federal Officials are committing Recovery Act
    Fraud in order to cover up their historic EUC08 Program
    Implementation Errors:

    Petitioning The President of the United States and the Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration

    Department of Labor Implementation Errors in the EUC08 Program are Robbing the Unemployed out of Recovery Aid:


  • http://www.facebook.com/NatureFreak123 Mandy Baker

    Is Americorp (the domesticated version of the Peace Corps) plagued with scandal? I know that hundreds of thousand$ are used inappropriately through the program (and then covered up by the government). But, I’m wondering if there is, also, something fishy going on with the education award (the form of payment to those who give their service). I worked 3400 hours under the program….and each time I tried to use my award…mistakes were made by either Americorp or the college (and Americorp didn’t care). I lost my entire award and ended up with the bills having to come out of my own pocket. The more I talk to other Americorp alumni….they say that they ran into the same issues.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1128202303 Virgil Starkey

    In one of the debates between Romney and Obama, Obama made the comment that he is responsible for the people in his administration does. He was talking about the Benghazi incident, but this also clarifies why he used executive privilege to block congress from pressing Holder futher. It also shows that he is very complicit in the operation and was either directly involved, or is a accomplice in covering up a criminal conspiracy.

  • Curious

    Dear Sir or Madame,

    I would like to obtain any information that anyone has already obtained in regards to the merger between International Biometric Group (IBG) and Arlington Capital Partners /Novetta Solutions.
    IBG handles many major government contracts and yet these companies have been prohibiting information regarding this merger. I am curious as to why that is.

    Can you please provide any information you have obtained regarding this merger and or direct me to an organization that may have already pulled a FOI on this merger.

    Thank you,

  • Concerned

    We need to have an investigation into District Attorneys and the overwhelming power they have and the lack of check and balances.

  • nooneimportant

    brundidge alabama city leaders corruption, conflict of interest with partial ownership of utility over the city, raises with no documentation, no pay scales and on the list goes….corruption beyond belief!

  • @taxpayerrespect

    Can Watchdog Wire recommend a good whistlebower attorney?

  • La Lydia

    Why is a Watchdog organization touting PIRG and quoting it in a watchdog article? Here is the article, and following it is a link to what PIRG is. Is Watchdog now flacking for the left? I doubt the writer even know what PIRG is, and what it stands for.



  • paul

    Please pass this website on the web that has been spun
    New world order has been in motion for years, we are entering the final days. We must be disarmed. Then look out… SOROSisevil.

  • paul

    New world order has been in motion for years, we are entering the final days. We must be disarmed. Then look out… SOROSisevil.


  • fed up

    Someone needs to check into the content being posted in some of these states. There is legislation in Oklahoma being fast tracked and oddly I see none of it posted on this site…from what I can tell other than NPR’s state impact Oklahoma this is the only other watchdog non profit here. We need some outside journalism attention on this state to call this good ole boy network out in the open once and for all.

  • http://ProgressiveOasis.com/ ProgressiveOasis

    There is another account that posts as ProgressiveOasis. Can you remove it? Mine is the real account as it links to my website and my account is also the one with a pic.

  • anonymousname99

    I work for the Government and my Department leader sent a message about our budget and furlough. Here is the quote: “Therefore, we must all continue to examine every expense to make sure we are supporting only essential operations.” I want to know why we don’t ALWAYS examine every expense to make sure we are supporting only essential operations.

  • http://touchstonesjests.blogspot.com/ TouchStone

    About the Montana page, I’ve got a question:
    (as in: When are you folks going to post any new content?)

  • Nick

    Why is the VA spending money hand over fist for overtime while other essential government agencies are furloughed?

  • CARL


  • Rocketman

    I understand as the Aerospace Industry shrinks, defense
    contractors will need to consolidate. One company buys its competion. That is natural business practice under these conditions. However when the sale eliminates competition between companies, there is no pressure on the company to reduce cost or to develop better products. This is why there are antitrust laws.

    When I read that Gencorp (Aerojet) is buying Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, I thought that this was just another case where the rocket engine market is shrinking. Both companies make large, medium and small liquid propellant rocket engines that are used to deliver satellites and other space applications.
    I worry about the added burden to tax payers because of no competition for government contracts. There are a number of companies like Space-X and Blue Origin that make large and medium rocket engines so the competition for these products will remain healthy. Only Aerojet and Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne build small liquid propellant rocket engines. The engines are unique and are mainlyused to guide larger rockets. These small engines are key component to our county’s missile defense systems and are crucial to t he protection of our
    Nation. If the merger of these two companies is approved then the will be no
    competition of government contracts for small rocket engines. Which means the
    costs will go up and the innovations will decrease. Being a tax payer this is
    not acceptable.
    I do not think the sale of Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne to
    Aerojet is in the best interest of tax payers. It will eliminate competition
    between the two companies. A sole source supplier for government contracts are dangerous and do not lead to create better value for tax payers. The costs paid by tax payers for these systems will likely escalate. I think this sale is a
    case where anti-trust laws apply. In addition, this transaction could also have
    a negative impact in the protection of our nation. Many of the engines are used
    to protect the nation from rouge nations that are capable of sending their
    missiles to destroy of nation. North Korea is now capable launching missiles at
    the United States. Our Missile Defense is our only initial protection.
    I thin k it is in the best interest of this country for this sale to be stopped. Competition leads to better produces and lower costs. As a tax payer I do not want to be taken advantage of if this sale is completed. I also believe that the Missile Defense System is a necessity for our country.

  • L

    Hattiesburg City Hall left unlocked; vault with ballots left open

    We are in the middle of a mayoral election. The race is so close, that they have been counting ballots closely and going back to make sure absentee and affidavit ballots are genuine.

    So what do you think they do to keep this close and heated race as up-and-up as possible? How about leave the doors open to City Hall? Oh, and the vault where the ballots are held… let that sit open, too.



  • J. E. Ginger Ferrer

    My question which has remained unanswered, investigated and stopped is the fraud not only of the day, week, month, year, decade but a seemingly ongoing free get out of jail process for employers and their insurance providers who fraudulently deny valid worker’s compensation claims. Denying a once whole and well employee the coverage of a worker’s compensation claim and imposing it on the American taxpayers and the programs their taxes subsidize.
    Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, subsidized housing et al, are “LOOTED” every single day by these valid but denied claims. Most especially if an employer happens to be a political entity, business person or attorney in one’s community. I have spoken in person and on Air at my public access program in Manchester, NH regarding these perpetrated frauds and not only the longevity of them, but the fact that not one political entity I have addressed in person will respond and investigate these violations. I have spoken with Tom DeBlois, Maggie Hassan before she was elected Governor of NH, Chris Pappas before he too was elected into office, Jeanne Shaheen. Promising to look into it but never take place. No matter how many times one try’s to focus attention on these long termed frauds, nothing corrective is being done.
    The Inspector General of S.S. was contacted over and over and over again and no response. Letters to the Bush and Obama administration go unanswered.
    Although to be fair. I am sure neither President was advised of these concerns.
    The frauds have to stop. The insurance providers need to be held accountable for their less then ethical processes. Both sides of these issues needs thorough and ethical investigation. No such thing appears to exist and as long as it continues in this manner, frauds will continue to diminish the financial solvency of these programs. Employers must be held to the same standard as any other person involved in a constitutional expected manner but are not.
    So how long if ever will it take for our leaders (?) to do the right thing and put a stop to these sanctioned frauds not only on the taxpayers but the validly injured or infirmed employee who loses all and becomes another burden on the taxpayer due to the fraudulent denial by an employer and their insurance company.
    Most especially if he is or was a State Senator, President of the NH State Senate, member of the bar and State Rep.
    It would appear for all intents and purposes that the cronyism network is on the job when they appear to refuse to look into these concerns because one of their own is being profiled for having committed fraud.
    So you decide which is more important. The continuing shielding of these violations or accountablility for same?
    J. E. Ginger Ferrer, Community Advocate, Manchester, NH

  • Doesn’t Seem Right

    First let me say that I am totally supportive of VA benefits to widowed spouses and I was aware that if a widowed spouse that had been receiving VA benefits remarried, that they would lose these benefits which makes sense. However, I was very surprised that if the new marriage does not work out, that they can re-apply to begin receiving benefits again!?! Help me understand why taxpayers pay if someone opts to marry but then it does not work out?

  • jeh1957

    Why no coverage of Arizona ? I’m considering moving there, would hate to relocate and find myself in a bad position. Presently live in New Jersey so I know it won’t be as bad, but still would like to see coverage.

  • Prospector69

    Seems to me that we can see about everything our politicians are doing with one big glaring hole. What are our Senators and Representative saying and voting for in Congress? Both of our Senators voted for Obamacare, without knowing what was in it. Are these the king of men we want to represent us? I say no. Do their job correctly or replace them.

  • Bigred17

    Has anyone applied for a citizen card recently im worried my daughters id has been stolen

  • michael francis mccarthy

    It’s a catch-22. You have to buy health insurance; but, you can’t. At issue in
    the government shut-down is whether or not people will be forced to buy health
    insurance. Yet, few people will be able to buy insurance because the Health
    Exchanges are not ready to enroll employers or individual employees; show an
    employer’s affordable coverage or what health plan options are available;
    verify income or eligibility; or, identify if we qualify for a subsidy or how
    much we actually have to pay. With 20,000 pages of regulations, 61 pages of
    instructions, a 15 page application and 1,000 questions, we may not notice that
    these health plans have $3,000 to $5,000 deductibles, $50 co-pays with long wait
    times for doctor visits, and $50 co-pays with long lines for lab tests.
    Politicians want to give tens of millions of people affordable health insurance,
    but they have not increased the number of medical providers or service
    facilities. Let’s wait until these state Health Exchanges are ready?

  • http://www.joshuascottmccullough.com/ Josh McCullough

    Hi! Are you working to remove the “debate is an on-the-spot news event” error from the Equal Time Rule? It’s clearly designed to exclude 3rd party candidates from debates.