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Job Openings at Watchdog and Franklin Center

While we thank all applicants for their interest in these positions, we are able to contact only those to whom we can offer an interview. No phone calls, please.


Open Positions


*Looking for talent in AZ, OH, MS, TX, WI
*Position also available to candidates willing to relocate

Franklin Center is seeking a State Watchdog Reporter with 2-5 years of experience to join its nationwide network of news bureaus on We are seeking writers with good reporting instincts located in or willing to relocate to the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Mississippi, Texas and Wisconsin.

Applicants should have a strong background in journalism with excellent writing, editing and researching skills. He or she should possess the drive to write original stories, develop new sources, and track legislative developments- all while taking editorial guidance from a senior reporter and/or editor.


  • Contribute stories to, including blog posts and longer pieces, on topics assigned or approved by an editor.
  • Identify under-covered or misreported topics in your assigned state, and fill in the gaps.
  • Cultivate trusted sources to provide leads on potential stories, including those inside and outside government, think tanks, academia, unions and the business community.
  • Keep tabs on local government activity, monitoring state government actions that affect the region, and use public records and databases to ferret out waste, fraud and abuse.
  • Monitor the state media landscape to identify important policy issues and potential media partners.
  • Assist journalists with research for news reports as needed.


  • Adhere to Associated Press journalism standards.
  • Show good judgement when acting as a representative of the Franklin Center or
  • Take direction and editorial feedback from senior journalism staff.
  • Manage multiple tasks at once and take ownership when managing a project.
  • Follow current events in the news, especially those related to state and local government.
  • Be adaptable to the ever-changing news cycle and media landscape.

All stories produced by State Watchdog Reporters will be recognized and published on our website at

Interested applicants should contact Josh Kaib at



Franklin Center is seeking a highly motivated Media Outreach Assistant to assist with media tracking, pitching, and building media partnerships.

Applicants should be interested in the role of the media in society and how organizations leverage earned media to expand their influence and reach. Prior experience in communications and media relations is encouraged but not required, however experience in public relations, marketing, journalism, and political science are a plus.

Applicants should have strong written and verbal communications skills, exhibit a strong work ethic, and demonstrate impressive organizational skills. He or she should be tech savvy, able to manage multiple tasks at once, and take ownership when managing a project. Applicants should demonstrate proficiency in social media and follow current events in the news.

Responsibilities and tasks include the following:

  • Updating Franklin Center’s media tracking spreadsheet as our work is mentioned or placed in media outlets.
  • Using Franklin Center’s media tracker to identify opportunities to approach outlets to encourage media partnerships.
  • Assisting with pitching op-eds and Watchdog articles by researching and identifying relevant news organizations across the country.
  • Working with Franklin Center’s journalists to help build media partnerships with national, state, and local media organizations.

Interested applicants should contact Josh Kaib at