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Missouri Watchdog is a news website dedicated to investigative journalism about local, state and federal government across Missouri. Its mission is to ensure good government through unbiased news reporting. Waste, fraud, and abuse involving the use of taxpayer money will be investigated and reported.

News from Missouri Watchdog is published on Watchdog.org, the national leading news website dedicated to providing investigative news to communities around that nation. Watchdog.org is a collection of independent journalists covering state-specific and local government activity. To learn more, visit www.Watchdog.org

Missouri Watchdog is operated by the non-profit Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity. Founded in January 2009, the Franklin Center is dedicated to providing investigative reporters and non-profit organizations at the state and local level with training, expertise and technical support. At the heart of the Franklin Center’s mission is a belief that new technology can advance the cause of transparency in government.