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  • Andrew

    What happen to the blog roll?

  • Dave

    After seeing that the Governor, first lady, several other government “leaders” and a few business people, are on a trade trip to China, I am curious about how many of these junkets our governor and his possie go on each year. Do the taxpayers foot the bill? Even for the first lady? Is it really necessary for so many politicions to go? It is a story we need to know.

  • dixie

    with the recent revamp of how the state is paying its day care and/or health care workers, i’m wondering is the state doing this because they are broke?? a kind of “rob peter to pay paul type of thing.We use to be able to submit our time sheets on the 1st of the month and be paid at the latest , on 9-12 days later with weekends counted , now once we submit, its 14 days not counting the days off for weekends/holidays, i submitted mine on the 4th, im told i’ll get it on the 24th. oh really!!!

  • Who comes up with the questions for the debates for Kerry/Fischer? where do they candidates stand on woman’s health issues. How do they feel about caring for our veterans? Foreign policy? There are people who live in Nebraska that have nothing to do with farming.

  • ToucheTurtle

    RE: comments. Why isn’t there a way to “edit” what I have written? Sometimes I go back and read what I wrote and would like to change it.

  • Joan

    I would like to see a story about civility. I have an Obama sticker on my car and I cannot tell you how many times I have had people shout profanity’s at me as well as one man actually tapped my rear bumper at a stop light then backed up and yelled Obama sucks. I cannot believe these people kiss their mothers good nite with these potty mouths. What is this country coming to, this is all racially based.

  • Check out the Omaha Police Officers Association facebook page – who in the world is running public relations for the OPD? Specifically the posting regarding the Supreme Court Graham v Connor decision. Very inflammatory – I find it hard to believe that the police chief is sanctioning this – if their own facebook postings can’t be controlled, how can their officers?

  • Uju Onuachi

    I am Uju Onuachi, in 1999 I was involve in two job accidents that injured my lower back and my thoracic area. I stay at 1810 Locust Street Omaha Nebraska 68110. Please sir I need your help, I do not have nobody to help me. They implanted something in my body that gives me so much pains in my neck area is just like my whole body is in fire. Please sir I need a help to find out what they implanted in body and remove it because they pain it gives is deferent from the pains from my low back injury and my thoracic area injury. I am convinces that is something implanted in my body that is giving me such pains. Please sir helps me.

  • John Ingalise

    When is someone going to ask the Governor about the fiscal miss management in HHS and other departments? The reports of a shortage and that is all that we hear. Thanks!

  • pldrcy

    What ever happened to the list of names that was going to be released of those who frequented the “massage” parlor brothel?