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Got a tip?

Send your story ideas or news tips (including anonymous tips) to:

• State capitol bureau chief Deena Winter in Lincoln.

Email deena@nebraskawatchdog.org or call her at 402-805-4429.

  • HatfieldMcCoy

    Becka just announced he has copies of the recent pay stubs
    for the mayor’s staff that had proposed raises—they aren’t proposed—the
    raises have already been implemented. It’s sooooo Suttle

  • Sue

    google “Justice for Juliette”….over 1700 signatures gathered on a petition for a Grand Jury to be called to investigate this case. It’s not the first time law enforcement and officers of the court in this county have been questioned regarding their investigative skills. Also google Support Jeff Boppre…wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for double homicide out of SB county. And I’m afraid this “Good Ole Boys Club” travels all the way to AG Bruning. In Juliette’s case it’s obvious that there is something wrong when there’s 3 adults in the home when a 2 year old is killed and all walk free! The CA did not even call it a homicide until after the funeral/burial. He told Juliette’s Aunt Monica that “she and her family are now his enemy”? As they are NOT going away. Senator John Harms signed the petition and supports an investigation into Juliette’s murder.

  • Dwayne

    Are you going to do a follow up story to a OPPD Nuclear plant being contracted out due to OPPD bad unsafe and poor management of the plant?

  • ianmc74

    Lets write an article on all those who voted in favor of CISPA.


  • Brian

    What is this about Jeff Fortenberry supporting a drunk driver? I can’t believe that he would do this! http://www.norfolkdailynews.com/news/councilman-arrested-in-dui/article_a0244268-c2e9-11e2-bbda-0019bb30f31a.html

  • Bob

    In the lines of the MECA board member you should investigate the Mayor of Fremont. He owns a million dollar house in the county, but claims to live in a 800 square foot house in Fremont so he could run for Mayor. He is a business owner in the city. His last term he claimed a small apartment, but no one ever saw him there.