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Welcome to a new oasis for investigative reporting in New Jersey.  Fighting for economic survival in a new media world,  many traditional news outlets have sadly turned their backs on the type of in-depth journalism that really makes a difference for readers and viewers.

All content on New Jersey Watchdog is copyrighted.   However, in the spirit of our public service mission, we grant you permission to publish and distribute our well-documented investigative stories.   You can follow the steps of our expert gumshoes through the links embedded in the stories.  However, there are two rules you must obey:

  • You must credit New Jersey Watchdog and link to our site.
  • You cannot edit, alter, abbreviate, rewrite or make changes to our stories that would cast them in a false light.

If you violate these terms, New Jersey Watchdog reserves the right to hunt you down and treat you like a common politician.