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In the wake of the Connecticut shootings many are calling for more gun control, but Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman has called attention to important issues that are being overlooked.  Pennsylvania may not award Presidents all their electoral votes any more, but divide them up based on the percentage of the popular vote. Miami-Dade officials want more voting days, but they have a bigger problem: corrupt ballot collectors who have gathered them from outlaws, some of whom submitted multiple ballots. New Jersey Watchdog has uncovered what the State Budget Crisis Task Force has failed to uncover, the true size of the pension debt as well as what caused the crisis – corruption.  12.18.12 News


Wisconsin public employees are costing tax-payers a lot of money by double dipping. Democrat lawmakers bashed Governor Walker for Wisconsin’s poor showing in Forbes list of best states to do business, but they failed to mention that Democrat policies are the very reasons Forbes ranked them so low. A Virginia State Senator wants to allow workers to cast secret ballots in union organizing campaigns to protect them from union bullying. There are enough Republicans in Pennsylvania to pass right-to-work legislation, but it probably won’t happen because they don’t want to upset the unions who support their campaigns. People on welfare in Virginia may not to be able to buy liquor, smokes, or porn with taxpayer money much longer. 12.17.12 News


Two policemen who are sons of cops that are known for fighting corruption, have been arrested for allegedly ambushing those sneaking drugs across the Mexican border. Florida Governor Rick Scott is taking credit for new job numbers that show the unemployment rate has dropped, but some say tax-payers are actually being stiffed because the government is simply picking winners and losers using taxpayer money. Wisconsin tax-payers are paying a lot of money for the Governors’ mansion, and the Governor rarely stays there.  Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell  seems to have a double standard when it comes to budget transparency, every state agency has submitted budget cuts except his. Illinois lame-duck lawmakers will be laughing all the way to the bank as they are getting ready to leave office with huge benefits they voted on for themselves. 12.14.12 News


As Michigan union leaders are licking their wounds after Wednesday’s defeat, they claim the right to work legislation came out of nowhere, as if it was a sneak attack on the working class. “Right To Work” doesn’t have any traction in Missouri even though Republicans will have a super-majority in 2013. Pennsylvania tax-payers have to fork out a lot of money to pay travel expenses for an important public official who lives out of state. Texas taxpayers just shelled out close to 30-million dollars for a Formula One race, but no one knows what the money was used for. Virginia officials are raising revenue under the guise of making the road safe for drivers, but they’re actually creating traffic hazards. 12.13.12 News

Edward Siedle is known as the “pension detective” for his expert investment forensics work. The former SEC investigator sees a lot of dying public pensions that taxpayers ultimately will be called on to resurrect. What makes it worse, Siedle says, is the widespread fraud – some of it perfectly legal – ingrained in the public pension system.

Watchdog.org’s Matt Kittle spoke to Siedle about the big challenges and the tough choices facing the troubled public pension system. 12.13.12 Podcast


Michigan has become the 24th “right-to-work” state. Union protesters in Michigan started a ruckus, toppled tents, and in one of those tents were propane tanks, teenagers, elderly, handicapped, as well as Watchdog reporter Chris McCoy. Teachers in Michigan call in sick to attend the protests, leaving the parents of 26-thousands kids scrambling to find alternative child care. It looks like government workers and politicians get a free pass on the Pennsylvania turnpike, but taxpayers are getting another rate hike. A government worker advocates the mass murder of Watchdog employees.  Dan Sheridan has the latest. 12.12.12 News

A government employee who works for an energy company advocates the mass-murder of Watchdog reporters via twitter. Why? Because she was offended that Colorado Watchdog ran a story about someone she works with who is making over a million dollars a year. Tori Richards is the Bureau Chief of Colorado Watchdog who ran the story about the energy company, called NREL. Tori contacted the Department of Energy who oversees NREL. Keep in mind this threat happened in the land of Columbine and Aurora. So, how did the Federal Government respond? Mums the word. Tori explains the details.  12.12.12 Podcast


The former head of the Democratic National Committee is running for Governor of Virginia while trying to sell his tax-payer funded electric cars at the same time. In Idaho, another Republican is going back on his word on the no-tax pledge claiming since Obama won re-election rich people should be taxed more. Governor Walker didn’t work very much leading up to the November election, but that’s ok, because there’s one standard for elected officials, and another standard for state workers, and it’s legal. In Iowa, the Republican Governor promised to cut costs in government, but taxpayers are spending more to support the government than they were five years ago. Tennessee taxpayers should tell their government “they’ve got some splaining to do”, because they had to pay for a retreat for three-hundred workers that included golf as well as work-place lessons from a Lucille Ball flick.  12.11.12 News


The gold industry is under attack in Ohio. What looks like secretive meetings costs each person in South Carolina about 194-bucks per year to support crony capitalism. The election is over, but candidates are already gearing up for 2014 in Pennsylvania. A Republican County Election Commissioner in Nebraska is in danger of losing his job after accusations that he tried to stop Democrats from voting. If you want to cut eyebrows for a living in Texas, the government is going to charge you a fee as well as tell you how to do your job. Dan Sheridan has the latest. 12.10.12 News


Right-to-work protesters crowd the Michigan Capitol as the House voted to approve right to work legislation. Each person in Wisconsin spends about 238-bucks a year to support crony capitalism. Two years ago, Illinois law-makers stuck tax-payers with close to a 70-percent tax hike to pay old bills, but none of that money was used to pay them off, and now lawmakers want to resort to borrow billions. Private property will be held sacred in Pennsylvania for people who are accused, but not convicted of a crime. Pennsylvania gives 48-million dollars of tax-payer money to movie maker M. Night Shymalan for in support of Hollywood crony capitalism.  12.7.12 News


Pennsylvania is facing a budget crisis and the growing cost of pensions is one of the biggest factors. Act 10 legislation may move the Badger State up the national charts when it comes to economic freedom. A South Carolina state representative collects travel expenses even though he lives in walking distance from the statehouse. Florida tax collectors are about to extend their power over the internet. The Virginia Governor is allowing state agencies to suggest their own budget cuts in case Washington can’t solve the Fiscal Cliff, some responded by raising fees on taxpayers.  Dan Sheridan has the latest headlines from Watchdog.org. 12.6.12 News


Be careful making a right turn in Virginia, Red Light Cameras are bringing in big bucks from those who don’t come to a complete stop. A Missouri lawmaker wants use the government power to force you to enjoy Thanksgiving. Democrats in Pennsylvania want to increase spending, and they plan to get the money from corporations and anyone who drives a car. Illegal immigrants are one step closer from getting a driver’s licenses in Illinois. No one has any idea how much of the tax-payers money is being spent for public employee pensions in Colorado, because the records are secret.  Dan Sheridan has the latest. 12.5.12 News


The mind and muscle behind Americans for Tax Reform and its Taxpayer Protection Pledge has of late seen some defectors from the agreement’s stringent demand that political candidates and incumbents oppose any and all tax increases. Some of Wisconsin’s GOP congressional delegation, too, many known as budget hawks, are backing away from Norquist’s pledge in the waning hours of Deal or No Deal on the “fiscal cliff.”. Matt Kittle Speaks with U.S. Sen Ron Johnson R-Wisconsin. Kittle and Johnson

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may run for re-election without his Lt. Governor because of a pension abuse scandal surrounding her. Florida Governor Rick Scott is heading to Columbia with a large entourage of corporate executives to drum up business, but is sounds more like crony capitalism. An Idaho Republican Congressman says that the President’s re-election means republicans should allow him to raise taxes in view of the “fiscal cliff”, even though that’s at odds with the people who put him in office. The “fiscal cliff” has got Wisconsin lawmakers breaking their no-tax pledge as well. CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., Peter Schiff, explains why politicians and the President aren’t willing level with Americans on what it takes to fix the “fiscal cliff”.  Dan Sheridan has the latest. 12.4.12 News

The Fiscal Cliff is a huge problem. But Congress doesn’t want to level with the public as to how expensive it really is. They want us to think that by merely raising the taxes it will solve the problem. It won’t. Americans have to face-up to the fact that there are no painless solutions. Peter Schiff is CEO Euro Pacific Capital Inc. gives the details. 12.4.12 Podcast


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett says he plans to stick by his pledge to not to increase taxes, but he and his fellow Republicans are looking for loopholes around it. Ohio has the most over-sized state and local governments in the country, but taxpayers get a poor economy in return. Remember Arizona Governor Jan Brewers’s famous SB 1070 legislation? It looks like she wants to open a border this time, the one preventing her from serving another term. Speaking of controversial Republican Governors, the famous ACT 10 proponent, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, took over 50 personal days this year. Who’s paying for that? A Montana State Representative, a Tea Party guy, is not living in the state he represents. Does that sound like Parliament in 1776?  Dan Sheridan has the latest from Watchdog.org. 12.3.12 News


The lottery winners have to act before January 1st or Uncle Sam will take a bigger chunk of their winnings. The Fiscal Cliff crisis may slow growth in Wisconsin as well as hurt the middle class. Special education spending in Iowa is at record levels, but there’s not much to show for it. Pennsylvania says the Feds have been hazy about the details of Obamacare. A Mayor of a small Pennsylvania town compares Scranton lawmakers to Parliament in the Revolutionary war. 11.30.12 News


Scranton Pennsylvania is raising taxes and spending, yet strangely, many budgets for city services are being cut. A Walmart economics lesson is needed in Florida, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson’s plan to get higher wages for workers will actually hurt the very people he intends to help. Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig thinks taxpayers should fund baseball stadiums because he claims it’s good for the economy, but is it? In Wisconsin they want to take tax payer money to fund the business of baseball, but just south of the border in Illinois they want to take money from business to support huge government debt. Taxpayers have to shell out a lot of money to pay for the President’s Hawaii Christmas vacation. Dan Sheridan has the latest from Watchdog.org. 11.29.12 News


Virginia tax payers are flipping the bill to the tune of one billion dollars for non-teaching positions they don’t need. People who work for the Texas government don’t want taxpayers to know where their money is going. The Republican National Convention that boasted about smaller government left Florida three months ago, but it left behind more government surveillance. Illinois has a reputation of being hostile toward business, and Senate Bill 282 may be proof. Wisconsin taxpayers can save millions by changing the way the state deals with non-violent criminals. Dan Sheridan has the latest headlines from Watchdog.org.  11.28.12 News

The man who presided over baseball’s steroid era, the tied MLB All Star Game, and who owned one of the most average teams in Major League Baseball was the keynote speaker at a U-W Madison discussion on Ethics in Leadership. Bud Selig told Wisconsin Reporter’s Ryan Ekvall that leadership includes sticking taxpayers with the bill for multi-million dollar sports stadiums, including the Brewers home at Miller Park. Ekvall_and_Selig


Online shoppers find the government still wants their money, In Texas One lawmaker wants the state to use the sales tax
paid of vehicles strictly for road projects,  Is a South Carolina  legislative panel nominating unqualified candidates to sit as judges? And remember the Alamo? The group in charge of restoring the Alamo may not have remembered the rules for non profits. Dan Sheridan has the latest from Watchdog.org. 11.27.12 News


People love to watch football on Thanksgiving, but Virginians may get indigestion because they may have to pay for the Redskins new practice facility. The Tampa Bay Rays are trying to seduce taxpayers to flip the bill on a fancy new stadium. Pennsylvania lawmakers are going to have a happy Thanksgiving, they’re getting a raise. Illinois lawmakers are pushing to give illegal immigrants drivers licenses, which they claim is for safety reasons, but it could be about votes. 11.21.12 News


Oklahoma Gov.Mary Fallin says no way to Obamacare. New Jersey’s Lt. Governor won’t be able to hide records that may show her involvement in a pension scandal. Pot smokers are getting out of jail for free in Colorado. Pro-business doesn’t necessarily mean free market in Florida. And George Washington’s Thanksgiving proclamation examined. Dan Sheridan has the latest headlines from Watchdog.org. 11.20.12 News

George Washington issued a Thanksgiving proclamation on October 3rd 1789. The proclamation said we should be especially thankful for the form of government that preserves our liberty, safety and happiness. How does a “form” of government do that? Ronald Reagan comments on the most important thing we should be thankful for.  Dan Sheridan has the Watchdog.org podcast. Thanksgiving


After a bit of a break, we’re back with the latest on Illinois’ pension woes, a costly wrinkle in Pennsylvania, a proposed cell phone ban in Florida, and the nexus of tax dollars and the big screen in Virginia. 11.15.12.Newscast

Election Day Update

It is Election Day, and that means lots of headlines and some shenanigans. 11.6.12.Newscast


With such a close election, will today be a repeat of 2000? Virginians are heading to the polls not only to elect a President, but to vote on the protection of private property. Big outside money coming-in to support campaigns is dwarfing local money, and is also influencing politicians after they take office. When you go to the polls, keep in mind that local elections are just as important, if not more important than national ones; just ask Thomas Jefferson. Dan Sheridan has more. 11.6.12 News

How big money is used to influence politicians after they get into office. Contributions are given with a view to getting something in return. Vice President Joe Biden consults strange people when it comes to international trade.  11.6.12 Podcast


On the day before election day, there is another state with questions about their voter rolls, Nebraska voters will get to decide if their elected officials get another term, there are new calls for an investigation into Medicaid fraud and abortion, and Illinois’ governor hans out another insider job. Benjamin Yount has the latest Watchdog.org headlines. 11-05-12 Newscast

Dan Sherridan sits down with David Becker with the Pew Center on the States to talk about scrubbing voter rolls. 11.5.12 Podcast


Penn State silence could cost some in the scandal their pensions, voter rolls are getting clean before election, and is it Politifact, or politi-fiction? Dan Sherridan has a look at the Watchdog.org headlines. 11.2.12 News

Ohio is ground zero for many things this election year, including the most glaring examples of how Politifact is getting things wrong. Dan Sheridan sits down with Watchdog.org’s Jon Cassidy to explain. 11.2.12 Podcast


Does Eric Holder’s wife create a conflict of interest for the Attorney General, Jon Tester has a K Street cash problem, unions in Wisconsin are in for more than a million and a half dollars for the state senate, poll watchers have come and gone in Kansas, and tax payer dollars show up in the strangest places in Tennessee. Dan Sheridan has the latest. 11_1_12_Newscast

Pollsters are looking in the wrong place to find out who’s going to win the election, political Halloween mask sales are a more accurate indicator of who will be in the White House.  11_1_12_podcast


Are there enough poll workers in Wisconsin? How is Sandy impacting the vote in Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. Why are some Nebraska lawmakers not happy with double their annual salary. And how did some parents in Nevada end up getting campaign emails from their children’s schools. Listen to the latest.

Hurricane Sandy not only inundated the east coast with rain, it inundated the airwaves with storm coverage. So how much does it hurt President Obama and Mitt Romney to lose a week’s worth of news to the storm? Watchdog.org’s Dan Sheridan sits down with Professor Joseph Gantt from Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon to talk about it. Listen here.

  • I am a concerned Ohio Registered voter and I oppose the UN observers entering our state to observe our elections.