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Regulators call mining process fair, but environmentalists cry foul

By   /  July 23, 2013  /  News, Wisconsin  /  1 Comment

Schyvinck and another opponent to the mine rest at the Tyler Forks river

Erik Schyvinck of Stevens Point returned to the Lac Courtes Oreilles Harvest Camp, sure Gogebic Taconite LLC had already started destroying the Penokee Hills.

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Native Americans make stand against Wisconsin mining operations

By   /  July 23, 2013  /  Energy and Environment, News, Wisconsin  /  6 Comments


Part 5 of 7 in the series Mining in Wisconsin By Ryan Ekvall | Wisconsin Reporter HURLEY — Mel Gasper doesn’t sound worried. Heavy trucks, geologists, engineers and armed guards have passed by the entrance of the Lac Courte Oreilles Harvest Camp in recent weeks, signalling the initial exploratory phase of a potential $1.5-billion iron ore […]

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Dividing line: A tale of two WI counties in the shadow of mining

By   /  July 22, 2013  /  Energy and Environment, News, Wisconsin  /  18 Comments

HURTING FOR JOBS: People Hurley, Wisc., in the heart of the state's mining region, like the idea of mining jobs in their region.

Part 5 of 7 in the series Mining in Wisconsin   UPDATE: Correction — An earlier version of this article misidentified Ashland County’s top employer. The county’s largest employer is the Bad River Tribe. By Ryan Ekvall | Wisconsin Reporter HURLEY — An imaginary line splits two counties in northern Wisconsin, each of which holds parts […]

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No ‘Friends’ found in last episode of WI mining dramedy

By   /  March 7, 2013  /  Energy and Environment, State Government, Wisconsin  /  2 Comments

A TIGHT GROUP: Wisconsin's mining bill saga comes to an end with, as expected, passage by majority Republicans.

Part 4 of 7 in the series Mining in Wisconsin By Ryan Ekvall and M.D. Kittle | Wisconsin Reporter MADISON – Two things were all but certain going into Thursday’s extended Assembly debate on the controversial mining bill: There would be enough grand-standing to choke a Trump, and, arguably, it would all be for naught. […]

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Mine’s future uncertain, despite near-certain passage of mining bill

By   /  February 27, 2013  /  Energy and Environment, News, State Government, Wisconsin  /  2 Comments

The Wisconsin state Senate on Wednesday took up a controversial bill aimed at streamlining the mining process. But while the bill's passage is all-but-certain, the rights and requirements of Native American tribes and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers call into question the future of the northern Wisconsin that is the impetus for the bill.

MADISON – Sen. Tim Cullen’s comment, made in passing, may end up being remarkably prescient.

And it may, ultimately, represent a key factor in determining whether Gogebic Taconite actually ends up building an open pit iron mine in the Penokee Range spanning parts of Iron and Ashland counties in northern Wisconsin.

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State agency that lost track of millions wins big in WI mining bill

By   /  January 25, 2013  /  Economy, Energy and Environment, News, State Government, Wisconsin  /  4 Comments

MONEY FOR MINING: Is there enough accountability for the millions of dollars the state economic development agency could receive if a mining project goes forward?

While legislators and citizens debate the costs and benefits of a potential mine in northern Wisconsin, the state’s embattled quasi-public economic development organization would reap a windfall from the legislation as it’s drafted.

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