School monopoly is a drag on downtowns

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Photo by Kenric Ward

If schools sell real estate, downtown San Antonio is dirt poor and getting fleeced.

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School choice rally draws crowd at Mississippi Capitol

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Photo by Steve Wilson

A school choice rally drew a crowd to Mississippi’s Capitol Tuesday to celebrate past wins and talk about future expansion of school choice in the state.

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Advocates celebrate school choice strides, but note it’s a ‘never-ending battle’

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Johnny Kampis/

“No child in our state should be given an academic death sentence based on where they live.”

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The 8 biggest misconceptions about charter schools

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They range from simple myths to outright lies.

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School choice advocates seek funding parity

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Part 3 of 8 in the series National School Choice Week In the 2016 legislative session, school choice advocates in Colorado would like to guarantee students receive the same funding whether they’re going to traditional, charter or other alternative program. “The big fight this year will be over the funding,” said state Sen. Owen Hill, […]

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