Sunshine Week: Engage your critics and they’ll reveal government’s inner workings

By   /  March 15, 2013  /  National, News  /  No Comments

It started out in a pretty innocuous way: looking at the background of Colorado U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter for a campaign story around the time of the recent election.

Even though I’ve been a journalist some 25 years and covered thousands of stories, the outcome surprised even me.

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Sunshine Week: A little math + a lot of persistence = successful investigation into jobs claims

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Governors like to tout the number of jobs their business incentive programs have created, but vetting those numbers can be difficult.

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Sunshine Week: Data forms the framework, old-fashioned reporting makes the story

By   /  March 14, 2013  /  National, News  /  1 Comment

Some in the family might take Earl Glynn for granted having been for so long ably, reliably and genially assisted by him.

Not me.

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Sunshine Week: Persistence and public records pay off in tracking double-dipping school chiefs

By   /  March 13, 2013  /  National, News  /  No Comments

A recent New Jersey Watchdog investigation revealed 45 “retired” school chiefs had returned to the public payroll, double-dipping millions of dollars a year from pension funds and local education budgets.

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Sunshine Week: Missouri’s serial moochers

By   /  March 12, 2013  /  Missouri, National, News  /  No Comments

ST. LOUIS – Ethics reforms were all the rage among Missouri lawmakers after the November elections.

Both Democrats and Republicans revealed plans to push bills that would clean up the political system, from requiring political nonprofits that to disclose their donors to imposing greater restrictions on former legislators now serving as lobbyists.

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Sunshine Week: Iowa officials gave their companies millions

By   /  March 11, 2013  /  National, News  /  1 Comment

When it came to giving away money to businesses, the Iowa Economic Development Authority had a record-breaking year in 2012, just a year after it was formed at Republican Gov. Terry Branstad’s request.

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