Having backed the losing candidate, Google now tries to align with Trump

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“Welcome to Washington,” he said. “It’s customary to try to curry favor with whoever is in power. It’s no surprise that Google is making an effort to have good relationships with people in the Trump administration.”

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Google, telecom rivals spend big on lobbying and lawmakers

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“They also do a lot of funding of nonprofits and think tanks that helps them shape the public debate,” he said. “In some ways that’s more insidious.”

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Did Google employees-turned White House appointees violate Obama’s ethics pledge?

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All four worked for Google immediately before moving into government work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The timing of their meetings raises questions about a policy Obama implemented a day after taking office.

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Google employees have enjoyed revolving door during Obama administration

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“If they have access to information on competitors and they go to Google…then you have to wonder if Google is getting an unfair advantage over others in their market,” he said.

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Google could face record antitrust fine in Europe after skating by in U.S.

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The company is accused of promoting its shopping service in internet searches on its website over rival services.

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Visitor logs show Google’s unrivaled White House access

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“You don’t know what the meetings are about, but the fact that someone has that level of access at the White House is revealing,” she said. “It certainly suggests a level of influence.”

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