Wisconsin GAB reform bill could be ready in a few weeks, sources say

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Sources say there has been some activity on a bill that could reshape the state Government Accountability Board – that after bombshell revelations late last week that a top attorney from the supposedly non-partisan speech regulator behaved in a very partisan fashion.

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An open letter to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Patrick Marley

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What you missed in reporting on the new email was the politicization of the John Doe.

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Explosive email exposes GAB attorney’s partisan motives in John Doe probe

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“If you didn’t want this to have an effect on the election, better check Burke’s new ad. Now you will be calling her a liar,” Falk wrote. “This is a no win.”

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Legal defense of rogue John Doe agents costs taxpayers nearly $1.2 million

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bill paid

So how much has it cost Wisconsin taxpayers to defend the rogue prosecutors of a political investigation that has been ordered shut down by the state Supreme Court?

More than $1.1 million and counting

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John Doe investigators say there are more tapes of raids

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In the filing, Budde and Stelter appear to reveal for the first time that there are audio recordings of the October 2013 coordinated raids on the homes and offices of the investigation’s conservative targets.

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Conservatives ask Abrahamson to turn over John Doe-related records

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The request seeks records of communications between Abrahamson and employees of the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office, former John Doe Judge Barbara Kluka and former director of state courts John Voelker between Jan. 1, 2012 to the present.

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