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Steal our Stuff!

Steal our Stuff!
Watchdog.org is deeply committed to restoring government oversight through non-partisan journalism. In order to provide top-quality news coverage and investigative work to your readers, our work is free for print, radio, broadcast and digital media to republish with appropriate attribution.

We have high standards for our work and all articles go through a rigorous editing process before being published. Watchdog.org partners enjoy:

  • Regular taxpayer-focused content,
  • Hard-hitting investigative reporting and analysis,
  • Engaging series and special reports on issues that matter to your readers,
  • Freedom – as in freedom to choose the content that meets your publication’s needs: no contracts, no hassles, no cost – just attribution.

Attribution Guidelines
Any Watchdog articles republished in their entirety or mentioned within a news story must include the reporter’s name and “From Watchdog.org.” For example, “By Melissa Smith | From Watchdog.org.”

Media Requests or Partnership Inquiries
We have a growing nationwide network. If you’re interested in learning more about our work or receiving regular content from our reporters and bureaus, please contact our Director of Communication and Media Outreach at [email protected]