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Ah, Roundhouse humor

By   /  June 27, 2012  /  New Mexico, WatchBlog  /  No Comments

Rancher Pat Woods, who won one of the most hotly-contested races in all of the New Mexico primary races this month, was introduced to Roundhouse members Wednesday (June 27) at the end of a committee meeting hearing. “Pat’s a good man, ” Sen. Stuart Ingle (R-Portales) told Republicans and Democrats assembled at the end of […]

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Clovis News-Journal editorial after the Woods-Spears race: We don’t forget but do forgive

By   /  June 10, 2012  /  New Mexico  /  No Comments

The Republican vs. Republican battle in the state Senate race in eastern New Mexico left some hard feelings and over the weekend (June 9), the Clovis News-Journal published an editorial that scolded Gov. Susana Martinez and her staff for involving themselves in the race but offered a peace offering, saying “most of us still support […]

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Analysis of NM primary: Voters say they’ll make their own decisions

By   /  June 6, 2012  /  New Mexico  /  No Comments

After an unusually contentious primary involving races pitting party loyalties among Democrats and Republicans, the overall message from New Mexico voters Tuesday night (June 5) seems to be, “We’ll make up our own minds, thank you.” Leadership from the governor’s office and from the outgoing Speaker of the House were rebuffed in very public ways […]

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Pat Woods defeats Angie Spears in contentious GOP state Senate race

By   /  June 5, 2012  /  New Mexico  /  No Comments

Farmer and rancher Pat Woods has defeated Angie Spears — the GOP candidate backed by sitting Republican Gov. Susana Martinez — in a closely-watched primary Tuesday night (June 5) in the New Mexico’s Senate District 7 in the eastern part of the state. Woods’ campaign told Capitol Report New Mexico that Woods won by about […]

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Anna Crook weighs in on GOP state Senate primary: “I fear our Republican party may be torn apart”

By   /  June 1, 2012  /  New Mexico  /  No Comments

The state Senate primary race between two Republicans fighting to replace outgoing Sen. Clint Harden (R-Clovis) has caused plenty of controversy in eastern New Mexico and now a sitting Republican member of the state House of Representatives has written an opinion piece decrying what she calls “a toxic political environment the likes of which I […]

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When Democrats attack — each other

By   /  May 31, 2012  /  New Mexico  /  No Comments

Democrats across the country and in New Mexico have railed against the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court allowing corporations and unions to spend as much money as they want in political campaigns, saying the rise of “Super PACs” is “allowing our elections to be taken over by billionaires” state Rep. Mimi Stewart (D-Albuquerque) […]

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