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Solyndra autopsy: Did Inspector General go too easy on Department of Energy?

By   /  August 31, 2015  /  Accountability, California, Energy and Environment, Federal Government, National, News  /  No Comments

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The Inspector General at the Department of Energy puts most of the blame on the $500 million loss to taxpayers on a loan to Solyndra on the company, not the department.

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Summer recess stalls John Doe prisoner’s call for justice

By   /  August 11, 2015  /  News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Photo contributed by Kelly Rindfleisch

With the U.S. Supreme Court on summer recess, there will be no further word on Rindfleisch’s petition until Oct. 5, when the court returns.

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Taxpayers brace for hit from Lone Star Rail

By   /  July 31, 2015  /  News, Texas  /  No Comments

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O’Toole likens policymakers’ fixation with rail projects to the continued installation of streetcars in 1915, when automobiles were starting to hit the roads en masse.

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Is Supreme Court EPA ruling no big deal or something much larger?

By   /  June 30, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, Federal Government, National, News  /  No Comments

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There’s plenty of discussion about the implications of the Supreme Court ruling against the EPA on Monday.

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OPEC refuses to cut production: How does that affect U.S. motorists, oil producers?

By   /  June 5, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, National, News  /  No Comments

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The OPEC oil cartel will not cut production, which figures to be good news for motorists but will keep the pressure on U.S. shale oil producers.

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The EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard proposal ticks off just about everyone

By   /  May 29, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, Iowa, National, News  /  No Comments

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The EPA has released new proposals for the Renewable Fuel Standard but it failed to satisfy supporters and critics of biofuels such as corn ethanol.

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