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Who has the right to rent their home? Minnesota high court will decide

By   /  November 5, 2014  /  Government Regulation, Local Government, Minnesota, News, Power Abuse, Regulations  /  No Comments


ST. PAUL, Minn. — Minnesota cities have circled the wagons in a controversial property rights case pitting municipal authorities against homeowners who are challenging the constitutionality of Winona’s rental ban before the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Mankato, Rochester and St. Paul joined the League of Minnesota Cities in urging the state’s top court to uphold Winona’s law allowing no more than 30 percent of homeowners per block to rent their property in the college community.

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Grammy museum in Mississippi gives U.S. taxpayers more blues

By   /  October 29, 2014  /  Budget and Spending, Lobbying, Mississippi, National, News, Politics  /  No Comments

Photo by the Grammy Foundation

The Grammy Museum Mississippi received $1.2 million in federal and $6 million in state funds to build an $18 million museum in Cleveland, Miss.

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Study praises AL’s Bentley for spending restraint, knocks him for narrow tax breaks

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Official Alabama governor's office photo

Alabama’s Gov. Robert Bentley was among the top-scoring state leaders in a national study on fiscal issues, but the Republican’s policies could still use improvement in some areas, argue the authors.

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Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant receives passing grade on fiscal policy

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phil bryant cropped

According to the Cato Institute’s newest report card on governors, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant received a grade of C on fiscal policy.

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Cato Institute echoes criticisms of Gov. Kasich’s fiscal record

By   /  October 3, 2014  /  News, Ohio  /  No Comments

Photo credit: State of Ohio

Ohio Gov. John Kasich received a D grade in a new Cato Institute study of governors’ fiscal policies, with Cato researchers repeating concerns Ohio’s free market think tanks have been voicing for years.

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The Uber Effect: Why cab companies hate ridesharing

By   /  September 29, 2014  /  California, Government Regulation, National, New Mexico, New Mexico Watchdog, News, Regulations, State Government  /  No Comments

Photo from Flickr Commons

Taxi cab and limousine companies are fighting against ridesharing startups such as Uber and Lyft, fearing they are cutting into their businesses.

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