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Missouri Democrats push bill for Medicaid expansion

By   /  February 20, 2013  /  Budget and Spending, Health Care, Missouri, News, State Budgets  /  2 Comments

HUMMEL: Medicaid expansion would provide health-care industry jobs in addition to increased medical coverage in the state.

By Johnny Kampis | Missouri Watchdog ST. LOUIS – House Democrats have finally made their play for expanded Medicaid in Missouri, claiming that not accepting the increased federal funds could cause some rural hospitals to close. House Bill 627, sponsored by House Minority Leader Jacob Hummel and co-sponsored by practically the rest of the Democratic […]

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You’ve got mail: Politicos deliver for their union backers

By   /  February 7, 2013  /  National, News  /  1 Comment

SO LONG SATURDAY: The U.S. Postal Service may end Saturday mail delivery. (AP photo)

    By Dustin Hurst | IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — This week’s announcement that the United States Postal Service will end normal mail delivery on Saturdays has sparked fierce reaction from some federal lawmakers, who argue the move would harm rural Americans. In a completely unexpected coincidence, some of the fiercest critics of the plan […]

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Gun-rights advocate Blunt touts background checks on gun sales

By   /  January 22, 2013  /  Missouri, News, State Government  /  No Comments

BLUNT: Defense cuts could prove problematic to some communities.

By Johnny Kampis | Missouri Watchdog ST. LOUIS — Missouri’s Republican U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, a staunch gun-rights supporter, may have been looking for common ground when he told Fox News that background checks on all gun sales should be part of the gun-control debate. Background checks have been at the forefront of the discussion after the […]

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No shows! MO congressional delegation, led by Todd Akin, misses plenty of votes

By   /  January 16, 2013  /  Accountability, Federal Government, Missouri, News  /  No Comments

AKIN: His congressional staff got the second-highest pay bump after the election.

By Johnny Kampis | Missouri Watchdog ST. LOUIS — Former U.S. Rep. Todd Akin missed nearly 55 percent of congressional votes during his last two months in office — high numbers, but better than his tally from the previous quarter. Missouri Watchdog reported in August that Akin, who lost his U.S. Senate bid to Democratic […]

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MO: Some in congressional delegation unhappy over ‘fiscal cliff’ deal

By   /  January 2, 2013  /  Federal Government, Missouri, News, Taxes  /  No Comments

TALK IS CHEAP: The state of Kansas spends $134,000 annually to maintain a lobbyist presence in Washington, D.C. State officials say that's simply the cost of doing business with the federal government.

The majority of Missouri’s U.S. House members voted for a deal that staved off the so-called fiscal cliff, but the compromise spurred plenty of grumbling.

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Missouri lawmakers want gun-toting educators in schools

By   /  December 20, 2012  /  Missouri, News, State Government  /  1 Comment

GUN HIGH: If a Republican-backed bill passes the legislature this summer, schools like Maplewood High could see some educators carrying concealed weapons.

By Johnny Kampis | Missouri Watchdog HAZLEWOOD — Bring your teacher an apple and some bullets? In response to the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., more than two dozen Missouri Republicans are co-sponsoring a bill that would allow teachers and administrators to carry guns into public schools if they have a concealed-weapon permit. “They are the […]

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