Business lobby fuels incumbents; individuals fund challengers

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When it comes to campaign money, it’s a David vs. Goliath scenario for candidates who dare take on incumbents with chests of cash from business and trade lobbyists.

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Watchdog Podcast: Behind The Headlines — Connecting the dots between lobbyists and members of Congress

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By Eric Boehm | Watchdog Radio
This is Behind the Headlines, Watchdog.org’s podcast that takes a deeper look at the political news of the day.
In this week’s episode, host Eric Boehm sits down with Sarah Rosier of the Lucy Burns Institute to talk about its new report, an attempt to connect the dots between deep-pocketed lobbyists […]

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Watchdog Podcasts: Behind The Headlines — Criminal justice reform is a growing force on the right

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This is Behind the Headlines, Watchdog.org’s podcast that takes a deeper look at the political news our Watchdog reporters uncover.

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Election mandates probably leading to lawsuit in Illinois

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Blame Aaron Schock for Illinois’ next legal spanking from the U.S Justice Department.

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McAuliffe’s choice: Fair or flawed elections

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ELECTION INTEGRITY: Gov. Terry McAuliffe has three vote-reform bills on his desk awaiting his signature or veto.

Republicans are challenging Gov. Terry McAuliffe to sign three election-integrity bills. If McAuliffe follows fellow Democrats who voted against two of the bills at the General Assembly, the governor could whip out his veto pen.

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Watchdog Podcast: Sit Down, Shut Up (Episode 2)

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This is “Sit Down And Shut Up,” Watchdog.org’s podcast examining education issues at the national, state and local levels. Hosts Ben Yount and Bre Payton take a critical look at the education establishment, the growth of school choice and the ways free markets can be a part of fixing America’s broken school system.

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