Conservative challenger to Corbett remains on ballot after legal challenge

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VICTORY....FOR NOW: Bob Guzzardi, a Republican activist from Montgomery County, survived a legal challenge and will remain on Pennsylvania's primary election ballot. But a second challenge might soon follow.

Bob Guzzardi, the conservative Republican activist who is challenging incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett in next month’s primary election, on Tuesday won the right to remain on the ballot.

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Congressman says he wants NSA reforms, but gets most cash from intel contractors

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By Eric Boehm |

One of the two representatives pushing a new bill to supposedly rein-in America’s overzealous electronic spooks has received more campaign contributions from intelligence contractors than any other member of Congress.

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Heavy Hitters: Indicted Ironworkers’ union throws lots of cash at candidates

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WON'T GIVE IT BACK: John Kane says he plans to keep the money donated by the Ironworkers Local 401 union, in spite of the crimes alleged by an FBI investigation and federal indictment.

The Democratic candidate in a race that could determine control of the Pennsylvania Senate says he will keep a $7,500 donation from the embattled Ironworkers Local 401 union.

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Big Labor, ‘looking for revenge,’ expects to dump $300 million into 2014 elections

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By M.D. Kittle |
Big Labor pledges it will go all in, again, in its drive to knock out its top political adversaries in 2014.
And one of the biggest targets is Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker, hero to conservatives, bane of the left for his public-sector collective bargaining reforms.
Michael Podhorzer, political director of the AFL-CIO, in [...]

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Labor unions benefit more from Citizens United than big conservative donors

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By Eric Boehm |
MINNEAPOLIS — The loosening of federal rules for political spending has done more to help Democrats than Republicans, according to two recent analyses of campaign contributions.
Those facts run counter to a well-established national media narrative — one often repeated by liberal groups and Democratic lawmakers who bemoan the influence of corporate cash in [...]

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