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Bringing back SNAP requirements not too much to ask

By   /  August 11, 2014  /  Commentary, New Mexico, News  /  No Comments

ERROR RATE: Even if Florida has the second lowest error rate in the nation for food stamps accuracy, it means the DCF misused $47 millions from the taxpayers dollars.

Editorial: A proposal by the Human Services Department wants to bring back work requirements for those receiving food stamps is not too much to ask.

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EBT cards at strip clubs, liquor stores and casinos? It’s still OK here in NM UPDATE: ‘We ran out of time,’ Sanchez says

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A bill aimed at curbing abuse of Electronic Benefit Transfer cards sailed through the state House of Representatives and two Senate committees but was never heard on the Senate floor in the just-completed 60-day legislative session. And that could mean a loss of an estimated $5.5 million in Temporary Assistance for Needy Familes (TANF) funding […]

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Still OK to use welfare benefits at New Mexico strip clubs

By   /  March 21, 2013  /  New Mexico, News  /  No Comments

Exotic Dancing Tampa

Part 8 of 15 in the series Welfare Abuse By Rob Nikolewski | New Mexico Watchdog SANTA FE — A bill aimed at curbing abuse of Electronic Benefit Transfer cards sailed through the state House of Representatives and two Senate committees but was never heard on the Senate floor in the just-completed 60-day legislative session. And that could mean a loss […]

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VA: New bill aims to take alcohol, smokes, strip clubs out of welfare

By   /  December 14, 2012  /  Accountability, Federal Government, News, State Government, Virginia  /  4 Comments

Virginia is looking at regulate purchases made with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits, more commonly known as Welfare, by possibly tracking them on EBT cards. (Photo by USDA)

ALEXANDRIA — A bill headed for the 2013 Virginia General Assembly will place new restrictions on what welfare benefits can buy, namely alcohol, tobacco and porn.

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New Mexico EBT Funds Used In Liquor Stores, Casinos, Smoke Shops, and Hooters

By   /  November 28, 2012  /  New Mexico, News  /  No Comments

Booze, blackjack, butts and babes. New Mexico welfare funds turned up in surprising places in a two month period of EBT card transactions examined by New Mexico Watchdog. The money is supposed to be used for life’s essentials to help needy New Mexico families with children.  A prior report showed transactions on New Mexico-issued EBT […]

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NM Welfare Funds Spent Far Beyond State’s Borders

By   /  November 16, 2012  /  New Mexico, News  /  No Comments

From bustling Miami to sleepy Goffstown, New Hampshire, from San Diego to Minneapolis, recipients of New Mexico’s welfare funds use their state-issued EBT cards every day to spend money far from the Land of Enchantment.  In a two month period examined by New Mexico Watchdog expenditures of the state’s welfare funds occurred in 45 states. […]

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