There are liberals who support school choice, too

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While school choice can sometimes seem like a partisan issue, it’s important to remember that there are those on both sides of the aisle supporting access to a good education.  The Sunshine State News writes about a group in Florida that is working to enlist support from both the political right and left.

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Record number of Florida students using private school choice

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In Florida, a growing number of families are taking advantage of three school choice programs to attend private schools.

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Florida passes wireless tax cut

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TAPPING TALENT: A U.S. court has ruled that U.S. tech workers can challenge President Obama’s order extending the legal status of foreign employees here.

Florida residents, who pay the fourth-highest wireless tax rate in the country, could see a nearly $20 reduction in their yearly wireless bill starting July 1.

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Teachers union vows to fight school choice in Florida, despite judge’s ruling

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Florida’s teachers union has announced it will continue its legal battle against the state’s school choice program, even after a judge threw out its lawsuit last month.

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Watchdog Podcast: Code Blue — The politics of Medicaid expansion

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Governors, like Rick Scott in Florida, who once opposed the idea of expanding Medicaid as part of the Affordable Care Act, are coming around – enticed by the promise of federal cash flowing to their state budgets.

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Florida budget stand-off stalls cellphone tax cut

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(Photo Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons: http://bit.ly/1y923WB)

A standoff over health care is stalling a potential $470 million cut to the communications tax in Florida.

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