La marihuana medicinal podría ser un buen negocio en Florida

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Por Marianela Toledo | Florida Watchdog
MIAMI —La industria de la marihuana medicinal está en pleno apogeo en la Florida.
Con la pregunta sobre la legalización de la marihuana medicinal, rumbo a los votantes en las elecciones del 4 de noviembre, los emprendedores han comenzado a aparecer en un esfuerzo por alcanzar la planta baja del movimiento.
Dieciocho [...]

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Innovative, unique, even revolutionary: Surgery Center of Oklahoma

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By Patrick B. McGuigan | Oklahoma Watchdog

OKLAHOMA CITY — A free market alternative for public employees begun here has the potential to save taxpayers billions of dollars nationwide and revolutionize the way Americans pay for their health care.

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Medical marijuana could be good for business in Florida

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The medical marijuana industrial-complex is in full swing in Florida.

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Auditor says government supervisors do poor job of rooting out fraud

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By Chris Butler | Tennessee Watchdog
NASHVILLE — You might assume someone who audits a local and state government’s finances is supposed to uncover waste, fraud and abuse, but you assume incorrectly, according to an auditor who works in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.
That’s the often-unfulfilled job of state and local officials who supervise those offices, [...]

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Floridians work 4 1/2 months to pay total tax bill

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STILL STUCK: For the third year in a row, New Mexico finished 38th in a national study of tax business climate.

Tuesday, April 15, isn’t just the deadline to file income taxes with the Internal Revenue Service. For Floridians, it’s Tax Freedom Day.

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