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On Presidents’ Day, Virginia’s transparency track record disgraces legacy

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PRESCIENT: Thomas Jefferson foresaw the inherent dangers of a centralized government.

By Kathryn Watson |, Virginia Bureau
ALEXANDRIA, Va. — More than two centuries ago, the likes of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe established the cornerstones of this great commonwealth and the United States.
They built this commonwealth and nation understanding a fundamental principle — that without transparent and open government accountable to the people, those people [...]

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VA FOI council kills Hanover County proposal to make public meetings private

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WHO'S THE WINNER?: More than half of Virginia's races for the House of Delegates will be uncontested this year.

By Kathryn Watson |, Virginia Bureau
RICHMOND — Virginia taxpayers can rest assured that local elected officials won’t be able to legally conspire in small groups without public notice — at least, for now.
Members of Virginia’s Freedom of Information Advisory Council on Thursday decidedly killed a heavily criticized proposal from Hanover County’s Board of Supervisors [...]

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Iowa lawmakers mum on details of earnings

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Iowa lawmakers not transparent in disclosing compensation details.

By Tushar Rae | Special to Iowa Watchdog
DES MOINES – State senators in Iowa sidestepped questions this week regarding their annual compensation and stalled the release of information offering a more detailed view of their expenses.
Iowa Watchdog requested a breakdown of lawmaker compensation, including their salary, per diem, constituency costs, lodging and meal receipts and mileage. Officials with [...]

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U.S. Supreme Court weighs Virginia’s public access laws

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The highest court in the land ruled on Monday that states — at least, Arizona — can't require proof of citizenship for people to register to vote.

By Kathryn Watson | Virginia Bureau
WASHINGTON, D.C. — With the highest court in the land as the regal backdrop, the Old Dominion is now center stage in a national drama that will likely determine citizens’ rights to public information in all 50 states for decades to come.
The nine U.S. Supreme Court justices fired questions [...]

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VA legislative aides get same FOIA privileges as their bosses

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ACCESS DENIED: Legislative aides are merely an extension of their bosses, and have the same FOIA protections when working for them, the Virginia House of Delegates decided on Friday.

It’s official. The legislative aides of Virginia’s 140 state senators and delegates have the same protections under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act as their bosses.

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IL: Two southern Illinois counties make strides in online transparency

By   /  October 9, 2012  /  Illinois, News, Open Records, Transparency  /  No Comments

A new survey shows southern Illinois counties are not living up to state guidelines for posting public information on their websites.

By Jayette Bolinski | Illinois Watchdog
SPRINGFIELD — A new survey of government transparency on county websites in southern Illinois shows only two counties making progress toward openness.
There is plenty of work still to be done, said Brian Costin, director of government reform at the Illinois Policy Institute, a right-leaning think tank that monitors government transparency in [...]

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