Washington initiative would reduce class sizes

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SPENDING VS. RESULTS: New Mexico consistently finishes in the bottom tier in public education studies but a study from the NEA puts the state 25th in how much it spends per student.

By Mary C. Tillotson |
A group in Washington has filed a ballot initiative to reduce class sizes in the state’s public schools.
The campaign has raised $630,000, including $350,000 from the National Education Association.
Estimated cost of the reductions — including hiring more teachers and building new schools — is in the billions of dollars. The initiative doesn’t specify a [...]

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Philly schools caught on funding merry-go-round

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The School District of Philadelphia is turning to revenue sources for $320 million in additional funds.

From 440 North Broad Street to City Hall to the Capitol and back, the School District of Philadelphia is spinning in circles to find money.

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KS Supreme Court: Legislators made ‘unconstitutional’ school funding choices

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DECISION: In a ruling that has received national attention, the Kansas Supreme Court has determined that while lawmakers made "unconstitutional" and "unequal" payments to public schools, overall funding levels should not be the only measure of an "adequate" education.

By Travis Perry │ Kansas Watchdog
OSAWATOMIE, Kan. — In a long-awaited decision, the Kansas Supreme Court on Friday ruled that state lawmakers created “unconstitutional” and “unreasonable wealth-based disparities” by withholding certain state aid payments to public schools.
While the legal battle leading up to the decision has been a four-year slog since the lawsuit’s initial filing [...]

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Governor ties proposed PA education funding to targeted grants

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Tom Corbett

Gov. Corbett’s proposal draws criticism from lawmakers and school personnel who prefer to see grants go into the basic education budget line item.

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Florida lands $4.4 million more to push Obamacare

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By William Patrick | Florida Watchdog
TALLAHASSEE – Christmas came early for 48 Florida health centers.
Playing the role of Santa, the U.S. Department of Health and Humans Services is doling out $4.4 million to Sunshine State community health groups tasked with Affordable Care Act “outreach and enrollment.”
The funding is part of a $58 million national push that [...]

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Survey: Kansans like idea of Amtrak, but few buy tickets to ride

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TICKET TO RIDE: While a majority of Kansans and Coloradans polled support government funding of Amtrak, few have ridden the rails in the last two years.

By Travis Perry │ Kansas Watchdog

OSAWATOMIE, Kan. — Here’s a head-scratcher: according to the results of a recent survey, Western Kansans and Eastern Coloradans really like the thought behind Amtrak and government-supported passenger railway.

They’re just not actually willing to use it.

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