Funding meant for at-risk students in the D.C. Public School spent elsewhere

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Public and charter schools in Washington, D.C. were given an extra $2,079 for every at-risk student last year. But an interactive graphic by Code for DC and the DC Fiscal Policy Institute shows that the money didn’t follow the students at D.C. Public Schools, as the law required. Instead, the money was distributed to schools unevenly.
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Virginia lawmakers try to make school budgets more transparent online

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With just a click, taxpayers may soon have a little more clarity on how their school division plans to spend their hard-earned money.

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Charter school funding lawsuit could threaten D.C.’s self-governance

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A D.C. charter school funding lawsuit that claims the city is in violation of federal law could challenge how the nation’s capital governs itself.

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Audit: D.C. Public School overspent 2013 budget

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A division of the D.C. Public School overspent its budget by more than 8 percent in 2013, according to an audit by the Office of the District of Columbia Auditor.

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Net neutrality would boost FCC’s budget by upping fees

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With a name like Federal Communications Commission, one would expect the nation’s premier regulator of the public airwaves to be a functioning government bureaucracy with access to the federal coffers.

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Audit: VA community college wasted up to $1.3 million on sketchy contracts

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Courtesy of NVCC

At least one of Virginia’s 23 community colleges has some serious shaping up to do, a recent state audit revealed.

Northern Virginia Community College, called NVCC or NOVA for short, paid $1.3 million in hourly rates of up to $290 to a firm it didn’t even hold accountable to make good on its contracts, an audit from the state’s Auditor of Public Accounts on the community college system reveals.

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