WI senator faces vote of no-confidence after working with DPI to derail Common Core reform

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Sen. Luther Olsen faces a vote of no-confidence from state GOP members after he worked with DPI to derail Common Core reform in Wisconsin.

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Bolling’s political future open as Virginia campaign heats up

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NO FAVORITES: Bill Bolling is staying neutral in the Virginia governor's race.

By Carten Cordell │, Virginia Bureau
ALEXANDRIA — Seemingly cast aside by his own party in the governor’s race and with time winding down on his term as lieutenant governor, Bill Bolling’s political career seemed to be in its twilight.
But with the ideological direction of the Virginia GOP in question and an election growing more […]

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Lt. governor candidate tries to turn convention momentum into campaign gold

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E.W. JACKSON: Getting the cold shoulder from two congressmen.

By Carten Cordell │, Virginia Bureau
ALEXANDRIA — E.W. Jackson played every card in the deck to win the Republican lieutenant governor nomination Saturday night in Richmond — a rousing speech, a dedicated base and charismatic appeal to undecided conservative delegates.
Now, though, the media spotlight is turning to controversial comments Jackson has made about the gay community […]

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VA: Despite TV, grassroots onslaught, Old Dominion far from certain on election

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Despite many projections, Virginia's presidential leanings are cloudy at best

By Carten Cordell |, Virginia Bureau
ALEXANDRIA — Political pundits, polling prognosticators and even Vegas odds makers are trying to handicap which presidential candidate will come away with Virginia’s 13 electoral votes on Nov. 6.
Even the World Series, Washington Redskins and the stock market have become tea leaves in a desperate search for clarity, but […]

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VA: Week in review — Candidates, voting controversies and tax preferences won’t leave the state alone

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HEAD ON: That's how Virginians are going to have to meet some pressing decisions in the coming weeks.

By Kathryn Watson | Virginia Bureau
ALEXANDRIA — With less than three weeks to go until Election Day on Nov. 6, the intensity of the federal election frenzy is tightening its grip on Virginia.
In a supposed “voter protection effort,” a labor union sought out the names of Virginia citizens who had requested voter lists from Fairfax County […]

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VA: Grassroots campaigns make southwest Virginia a winner-take-all

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HEADING TO THE FINISH LINE: Both Mitt Romney, left, or Barack Obama are pouring it on heavy in Wisconsin in the final days of the campaign.

By Carten Cordell  | Watchdog Virginia Bureau
ALEXANDRIA — In the waning days of the 2012 election, the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are scrambling to win votes in Virginia’s populous metropolitan areas, as expected.
But in the southwestern part of the state, where support is won a single vote at a time, it will […]

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