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UPDATE: Mayor Stothert’s tax cut under fire

By   /  August 15, 2014  /  Nebraska  /  No Comments

Mayor Jean Stothert

Democratic City Councilman Ben Gray is moving to stop the cut before it starts. Gray calls it “minuscule” and argued Friday that the money can be better spent elsewhere.

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Omaha’s police review board off to quiet start

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Nebraska Watchdog has learned that Mayor Jean Stothert’s hand-picked police review board—five citizens strong— is off to a quiet start, coinciding with a new report questioning the city’s ability to attract complaints against its officers.

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Report: Omaha police discourage citizen complaints

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The Lincoln Police Department’s on-line complaint process is considered the most user-friendly—easy to access and no bullying.
Meanwhile, the Omaha Police Department is accused of all but strong-arming people into shutting up.

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Prison scandal: Ashford at odds with fellow Democrats on probe

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Robin Gavinski wrongly spent 417 days in prison due to a calculation error by the Department of Corrections. Now the state is repaying Gavinski with $7,600.

Calls for an independent probe into the state’s prison-sentencing scandal took a step back today.

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Attention! Battle is on for military vote in Omaha House race

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Sarpy County—rich with air force and army personnel, aka the military vote— has long been Congresman Terry’s political fire-wall and Democrat Ashford has to crack it to win.

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Gov. Heineman’s prison probe under fire

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The nuts and bolts of Gov. Dave Heineman’s move for a criminal investigation into the state’s prison scandal is drawing criticism, while one major player in the ongoing drama is set to meet with lawmakers in public today.

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