Sen. Ron Johnson: Obama lacks courage to reward bravery in Ukraine

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By M.D. Kittle | Wisconsin Reporter
MADISON, Wis. — U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson heard and saw firsthand the stories of courage in Ukraine.
The Wisconsin Republican, back from a Senate fact-finding mission in Kiev, learned of sniper attacks on Ukrainians protesting Russia’s hasty campaign to bring Crimea into the former Soviet mother country’s fold.
“Police (sympathetic to Russia) started [...]

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Immigration reform: Extreme partisanship is paralyzing Washington

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MEANINGLESS DOCUMENT: The I-864 "Affidavit of Support" does not stop legal immigrants from tapping into the welfare system.

A pro-immigrant group, the Center for Immigrant Orientation, blames political polarization for the delay in passing immigration reform.

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Prospects for a resurgent tea party in 2014

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AP file photo

By Christopher G. Adamo
Liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans have been foretelling of the death of the tea party ever since early 2009, shortly after the movement began.
In the immediate aftermath of Barack Obama’s first inauguration, shell-shocked conservatives assessed the degree to which their interests had been abandoned by the Republican Party, and how clumsy and [...]

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Notable quotables: The best of the worst in 2013

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By Patrick B. McGuigan|
OKLAHOMA CITY — Looking back on another year of distorted analysis and reporting throughout the mainstream news media, a plurality of judges (myself
included) chose as “quote of the year” an unforgettable comment from Martin Bashir.
After each cycle of analysis for the Media Research Center over a quarter century, it’s hard to imagine [...]

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Pelosi and friends flying high to congressman’s funeral

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It’s right and proper congressional leaders honor one of their own at a funeral

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