Rogue agency defied judges to carry out partisan probe of Wisconsin conservatives

John Boehner

Ashford finds Capitol Dome’s separate dinner checks hard to swallow

By   /  November 30, 2014  /  Nebraska  /  No Comments


What does President Obama’s immigration overhaul have in common with a big-shot dinner in D.C.?

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5 reasons to oppose Obama on amnesty

By   /  November 17, 2014  /  Arizona, Congress, Immigration, National, News, Ohio  /  No Comments

BORDER POLITICS: After six years of street protests for and against amnesty, President Obama is reportedly ready to act -- unilaterally.

After six years of promises, President Obama is poised to take executive action on immigration reform as early as this week.

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New Congress: Boehner, McConnell agenda hints toward patent, telecom reform

By   /  November 6, 2014  /  National, News, Regulations, Taxes, Technology  /  No Comments

Photo: Gage Skidmore, Flickr / Creative Commons

As the tech industry looks to interpret motives of the new Congress, patents and telecom may be part of the legislative and regulatory reform on the horizon for Republican party leadership.

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Congressman-elect Ashford eyes D.C., GOP and 2016

By   /  November 5, 2014  /  Nebraska  /  No Comments


Who tops Democrat Brad Ashford’s list of Republicans he wants to work with on Capitol Hill?
Take a look.

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Highly paid government union boss screams for ‘solidarity,’ stronger unions

By   /  September 25, 2014  /  Florida, Labor, Michigan, National, News, Ohio, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

March on Washington

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees President Lee Saunders, who was paid $350,058 last year, demanded union solidarity and raged against Big Labor’s critics in a Sept. 16 speech.

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Freedom Works boss: Tea Party ‘stronger, not weaker’

By   /  May 13, 2014  /  New Mexico, New Mexico Watchdog, Video  /  4 Comments

By Rob Nikolewski │ New Mexico Watchdog
ALBUQUERQUE – They’ve been attacked by Democrats such as Harry Reid as “anarchists,” vilified by the main character on the cable show “The Newsroom” as “the American Taliban” and criticized by some Republicans who point to defeats in Delaware, Indiana and Nevada as possibly costing the party control of […]

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