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NM Supreme Court says candidates with screwy paperwork can stay on the ballot

By   /  April 10, 2012  /  New Mexico  /  No Comments

Longtime Roundhouse veterans Tim Jennings and Pete Campos — along with eight other candidates for statewide office — avoided potential political death when the state Supreme Court ruled in a 4-0 decision Tuesday they could remain on the ballot in the 2012 elections even though they neglected to write down the districts they’re running in […]

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NM Supreme Court to hear ballot disputes on Tuesday

By   /  April 5, 2012  /  New Mexico  /  No Comments

This coming Tuesday (April 10), the state Supreme Court will hear a consolidation of 10 lawsuits filed in regards to the dsipute over some statewide candidates who messed up their election paperwork, thus running the risk of having their names knocked off the ballots in upcoming elections. Among the legislators who neglected to specify which […]

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