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Kansas education agency earns C-plus for spending transparency

By   /  August 29, 2013  /  Kansas, WatchBlog  /  No Comments

MAKING THE GRADE: Kansas' education agency did better than most in terms of online spending transparency, but it's doubtful they'll boast abut the "C+" grade anytime soon.

By Travis Perry │ Kansas Watchdog OSAWATOMIE — While the Kansas State Department of Education encourages students to achieve top marks in their classwork, it seems the state’s chief schooling agency would do well to work on its own grade-point- average. A new report from the Libertarian-leaning Cato Institute, a think tank based in Washington, […]

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Education Data Collected But Not Shared to Inform Policymaking

By   /  February 13, 2012  /  Education, Kansas, News  /  3 Comments

Would you purchase a refrigerator without comparing models and reading reviews? How about buying a car without a test drive or a home without an inspection? If you’re a taxpayer or parent of a school-age child in Kansas, that’s what your elected representatives have done with public education that spends more than half of the […]

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Special Education Funding Shows How Feds Control State Dollars

By   /  June 7, 2011  /  Education, Federal Government, Kansas  /  No Comments

The Kansas Legislature added $21.2 million for special education to the 2011 state budget because the U.S. Department of Education’s rules say it had to, or the state would lose millions in future funding. The tactic is intended to ensure “Maintenance of Effort” but amounts to a threat to special education students and teachers because […]

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Truth Emerging on Unencumbered K-12 Education Funds

By   /  December 27, 2010  /  Education, Kansas  /  2 Comments

What could Kansas do with an extra $743 million? That’s a question legislators and the governor-elect want answered. Kansas K-12 schools had $1.567 billion in unencumbered or carryover cash on July 1 and as much as $743 million of it could be made available for discretionary spending by school districts, according to state government research. […]

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Full Comprehension Not Required for K-12 Proficiency

By   /  November 12, 2010  /  Education, Kansas  /  1 Comment

According to a recent press release from the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE), statewide assessment results for students in Kansas public schools show a 10-year improvement trend. KSDE says the 2010 assessment tests show 86.3 percent of students performed well enough to be counted proficient, 83.1 percent in math. But just what does that […]

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Bond Savings to Be Spent, Not Used to Pay Down Debt

By   /  June 3, 2010  /  Education, Kansas, Taxes  /  1 Comment

Wichita school district officials will spend surplus bond funds rather than cut taxes. Contractors are bidding below district projections for construction projects funded by the 2008 USD259 bond only 51 percent of voters approved. It authorized the district to spend “an amount not to exceed $370 million” on a broad range or projects. So far, […]

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