A closer look at Wisconsin voucher numbers

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Democrats and the Wisconsin news media pounced on a report from the Department of Public Instruction that showed 73 percent of students taking part in the first year of the statewide school choice-program were already enrolled in private schools last year. About 21 percent of students came from public schools.

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Citizen journalists and bloggers need not apply

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JOURNALISTS: Anyone can be a journalist, because journalism is an act, not a profession, says Jason Stverak, President of The Franklin Center.

At a recent panel discussion on the future of media, hosted by the Press Club of Toledo, it appeared that only the two university professors on the panel were looking forward versus trying to catch up.

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Former Kansas budget director rips media for selective reporting

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SLANT: Former state budget director Steve Anderson says Kansas mainstream media outlets aren't reporting the whole truth or ignore relevant facts on key issues.

By Travis Perry │ Kansas Watchdog
OSAWATOMIE — Former state budget director Steven Anderson ripped into Kansas mainstream media outlets Friday, accusing them of distorting the truth and harboring a hidden slant in reporting the state’s fiscal decisions.
Speaking to a gathering of conservatives at the Wichita Pachyderm Club’s meeting Friday, Anderson lashed out at the editorial [...]

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Even before news of federal probe, McAuliffe ducked GreenTech questions

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News this week that a top federal immigration official is under investigation renewed attention on Terry McAuliffe’s electric-car company and its foreign funding.

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Reporter uncovers trucks full of bodies: ‘Just doing my job,’ he says

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Mexico Drug War

By Tom Steward  | Watchdog Minnesota
As anyone who’s tuned in for our Watchdog series on Sunshine Week can verify, government officials — as a general rule — tend to hoard information. You don’t need unidentified sources to confirm it goes with the territory.
Reporters can get pretty worked up about their right — and your right — [...]

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