Fed-up taxpayers bypass City Hall to force fall referendum

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Think community organizing 2.0, taking it to the streets of the suburbs, instead of the inner city.

The unlikely outcome in this Twin Cities suburb might have caused the original community organizer — leftist Saul Alinsky — to renounce his naming rights to the role, if he were still around.

“Tim’s got a mini-van with a sliding door inside, so we’d drive around with the doors open like riding in a Huey chopper in Viet Nam,” said Gregory Sloat, a ring leader in a petition drive that broke out over a $9 million to $10 million library approved by the Columbia Heights City Council. “We’d see somebody, we’d just jump out and give them our spiel.”

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From Miami to Minnesota, protests call attention to immigration crisis

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AP photo

By Eric Boehm | Watchdog.org
Along East Seventh Street in the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood of St. Paul, Minn., more signs are in Spanish than English, advertising everything from used cars to groceries.
That backdrop certainly made Larry Dalin’s sign stand out.
Holding a sign that read “In Mexico, illegals are jailed,” Dalin was a lone sentry outside the Mexican [...]

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Oklahoma ranks 11th in corruption

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Oklahoma ranked as eleventh most corrupt state in new study. Corruption prevailed during era of one-party rule.

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Social costs of fossil fuels stop at North Dakota border

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Stenehjem Pic

Don’t even think about it. That was North Dakota’s blunt message to Minnesota as the Public Utilities Commission reconsiders the socioeconomic and environmental costs associated with electricity generation in planning future power plants and energy sources.

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Can GOP oppose medical marijuana while bashing Obamacare?

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MEDICAL POT AND OBAMACARE: Is it okay to oppose the federal government interfering in health care decisions while supporting state efforts to limit those same decisions? It's a question Republicans have to answer as the national debate on medical marijuana continues.

It was only a brief exchange, but sometimes more wisdom can be found in a few words than in the thousands spewed during a long legislative debate.

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E-cigarette regulations moving in MN Legislature

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GET YOUR VAPE ON: A store in south Minneapolis advertises its selection of e-cigarettes. Lawmakers in St. Paul are working on a variety of regulations restricting where the devices can be used and sold.

By Eric Boehm | MN Watchdog
ST. PAUL, Minn. — New restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes could be coming to Minnesota before the end of the legislative session, but the two chambers have to work out differences on the extent of the new rules.
Members of the state House voted Monday night to add a series of [...]

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