Kansas City Public Schools to sponsor first charter school

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The Missouri Board of Education this week unanimously approved the first charter school in the Kansas City public school district. The Kansas City Neighborhood Academy will take over an unused school building and in an inner city neighborhood. The school is expected to enroll 180 students next fall in grades K-2, expanding one grade per year until it […]

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‘Vicious political campaigning’ backfired on MO unions

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Former union members recount stories of the “vicious political campaigning” they were subject to at work before the right-to-work vote in Missouri.

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Nanny of the week: MO town bans breastfeeding near pools

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Mothers in Missouri are allowed to breastfeed their children in public, provided they use as much discretion as possible — unless they’re near a public pool in the town of Warrensburg.

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Watchdog Radio: A tale of two cops — Ferguson’s response to violence and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

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By Ben Yount, Eric Boehm | Watchdog.org It’s been the story that has captured the nation’s attention and shown a spotlight on the issue of police militarization. Did the cops go too far in their response to protesters in Ferguson, Missouri? Also, Matt Kittle has an interview with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who was recently […]

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Missouri lawmaker tried to restrict public info on police shootings earlier this year

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  By Eric Boehm | Watchdog.org Much of the nation’s attention has been turned on the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Mo., this week as civilian protesters and police officers have clashed in a hail of flash-bang grenades, tear gas and riot gear. The protests began after a still-unnamed St. Louis County police officer shot […]

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Missouri the first state with a constitution protecting electronic privacy

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HANDS OFF: A new piece of legislation before Kansas lawmakers is intended to keep state and local government entities from using NSA-like spying techniques on law-abiding citizens, but opponents of the measure say it's too broad and could have a laundry list of unintended consequences.

Privacy advocates scored another win after 75 percent of Missouri voters chose in Tuesday’s primary election to amend their state constitution to protect electronic privacy rights.

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