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Feeling overvalued, Texans dispute rising property appraisals

By   /  May 24, 2016  /  News, Taxes, Texas  /  No Comments

Photo by Charlie Brown

Watchdog found a group of San Antonio homeowners who received appraisal notices more than $100,000 over their recent purchase prices. Adding to the taxpayers’ angst, county appraisers had discounted the values of finished, unsold units held in developer inventory.

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County residents blast Central Texas ‘land grab’

By   /  May 3, 2016  /  Accountability, News, Taxes, Texas  /  No Comments photo

A “cherry-picking” annexation plan is the pits for Bell County residents who say they want no part of Nolanville – a small Central Texas town with a colorful past and a shaky future.

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Rising debt, taxes dim economic outlook in Texas

By   /  April 12, 2016  /  News, Taxes, Texas  /  No Comments


The American Legislative Exchange Council downgraded Texas to No. 12 in its 50-state economic outlook released Tuesday.

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Texas taxpayers whipsawed in city-state shell game

By   /  March 17, 2016  /  News, Taxes, Texas  /  No Comments photo

  A new report applauds the Texas Legislature for cutting taxes, but local governments and schools are wiping out the reductions with increased spending and debt. “The 2015 session of the Legislature passed a significant package of tax reforms,” the American Legislative Exchange Council reported Wednesday. Among them: $3.8 billion in tax cuts, including a […]

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Lone Star Rail still rolling after Union Pacific jumps

By   /  February 19, 2016  /  News, Taxes, Texas, Transportation  /  No Comments

Lone Star Rail District

Union Pacific jumped off the Lone Star commuter rail project between Austin and San Antonio, but taxpayers remain tied to the tracks.

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Texas homeowners’ plea: Do mess with taxes

By   /  January 29, 2016  /  News, Taxes, Texas  /  No Comments photo

Without an income tax, but with the sixth highest property tax burden in the country, the Lone Star State is no longer a low-cost haven for homeowners.

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