Watchdog podcast: Breaking The Bank — Public support for pension reform is growing stronger

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Breaking The Piggy Bank is’s weekly look at the national public pension crisis, how it’s affecting state and city budgets and what can be done — if anything — to fix it.

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Cost cutting, not love of free markets, push Illinois cities toward privatization

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City Garbage

By Benjamin Yount | Illinois Watchdog

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Illinois’ local governments are increasingly looking to privatization because they cannot afford to pay for everyone’s wants and still cover the cost of their needs.

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You know that one guy who successfully signed up for Obamacare? He didn’t

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Part 19 of 97 in the series Obamacare

By Eric Boehm | PA Independent
Chad Henderson was all over the news the past two days.
The 21-year-old student from Georgia was cited in multiple articles as being one of the few, the proud, the successful to signed up for insurance through a federal exchange.
On his Facebook page, Henderson […]

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Need an anti-Obamacare anthem? Here you go

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obamacare free

By Dustin Hurst ǀ
Reason’s Remy Munasifi is officially trolling U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
And it’s pretty darn funny.
Last month, Sebelius announced an online video contest to promote Obamacare, which opens in just a few days. The secretary announced a few themes for the challenge, asking would-be video-makers to create an animation, sing […]

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NFL sacks taxpayers for billions in stadium subsidies and other goodies

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CHEERING THEN: But now, questions keep cropping up how the owners of the Minnesota Vikings will finance its $477 million share of the stadium, which includes a $200 million NFL loan.

By Eric Boehm |
The National Football League sacks taxpayers from every angle.
The NFL is technically a nonprofit — thanks to a special exception in the tax code carved out by Congress in the 1960s — despite making billions of dollars of profit each year and paying top executives seven-figure salaries.
The NFL is allowed to negotiate contracts […]

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Doctors fight back against health care bureaucracy

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By Jim Epstein | Reason
Dr. Ryan Neuhofel, 31, offers a rare glimpse at what it would be like to go to the doctor without massive government interference in health care.
Dr. Neuhofel, based in the college town of Lawrence, Kansas, charges for his services according to an online price list that’s as straightforward as a restaurant menu. A […]

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