Craft brewers await FDA decision on regulations

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PHOTO BY: Luckytown Brewing

Craft brewers in Mississippi and Louisiana are awaiting word this summer on potentially damaging FDA regulations that could affect the disposal of spent grains from the brewing process.

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Should government rules have to make sense? Texas argues no in eyebrows case

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By Jon Cassidy |
HOUSTON – Some 99 years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the idea that the right to work for a living “is of the very essence of the personal freedom and opportunity” that the Constitution is meant to secure.
Yet since then, the courts have generally granted the federal and state legislatures [...]

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Free market, consumer activism winning America’s food fight

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By Shelby Sebens |  Northwest Watchdog
While lawmakers battle corporate food giants and anti-genetically modified food activists over government mandated labeling, the free market is one step ahead of them all.
So far, California and Washington have failed to pass government mandated GMO labeling, and Oregon will be the next to take it to the ballot. Federal lawmakers, [...]

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Stricter EPA wood stove regulations coming, thanks in part to Oregon

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WOOD REGS: The EPA has announced new wood stove regulations.

By Shelby Sebens | Northwest Watchdog
After legal pressure from environmental groups and seven states including Oregon, the Environmental Protection Agency is now proposing stricter standards for new woods stoves and heaters.
The EPA announced Friday it’s proposing updated standards to reduce air pollution by wood stoves and wood heaters, which are popular and prevalent in the Northwest, [...]

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Saddle up: Oregon’s horse tripping ban and other new laws kick off 2014

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NO HORSE TRIPPING: A ban on horse tripping and other new Oregon laws went into effect Wednesday.

By Shelby Sebens | Northwest Watchdog

Put down that lasso, Oregonians. With a new year comes new laws. One of those is a ban on horse tripping.

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