Shell cracker plant shuffles forward, negotiating a regulatory roadmap

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Photo courtesy of Shell

Shell Chemicals had announced that it is buying an industrial site in Beaver County, in western Pennsylvania. The cracker-plant project still has many steps, including a lengthy regulatory process.

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Rideshare regulation fight continues in VA as taxi drivers push for job security

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AP file photo

By Kathryn Watson |, Virginia Bureau
ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The intense battle over rideshare regulations in the Old Dominion is far from over.
This summer, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles caused quite a stir when it sent rideshare companies Uber and Lyft “cease and desist” letters for violating transportation regulations in the commonwealth.
Under immense public […]

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Mississippi child-care center don’t need kitchens, board decides

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Photo by Mississippi Department of Health

A proposed regulation mandating kitchens for Mississippi child-care centers was rejected by the state board of health Wednesday.

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Officials quiet as police cite Uber-driving, retired Navy dad

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MINIMALIST IN BLACK: This is actually the chattier of Uber's logos.

Sean Berry didn’t set out to break the law when he started driving for Uber to supplement his Navy retirement income and support his wife, 11-year-old daughter and newly adopted 3-month-old son.

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Federal government wages regulatory war on the automobile

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When I was a kid, I always loved cars.

My grandfather, who was a World War II veteran, was a Chevrolet man with no tolerance for anything else, especially not foreign. When my parents purchased an anemic, clattering Volkswagen Jetta diesel back in the early 1980s, he got a kick out of me calling it “The German Hunk of Junk.”

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Lyft: Killing ride-sharing puts public safety at risk

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Uber and Lyft, responding to myths spread by their detractors, are promoting their services as a safer transportation alternative for consumers.

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