The big bang theory? PA senators want to legalize fireworks for state residents

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Photo by Rachel Martin

Three Pennsylvania senators say they will introduce new legislation ironing out the lack of logic in current fireworks law.

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Ohio bill would regulate Uber, Lyft

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Ohio General Assembly has decided that even though the state does not regulate taxis, it needs to regulate Uber, Lyft and other ride sharing companies.

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Where home-sharing loses, rent control and special interests prevail

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As home-sharing becomes a more competitive choice for consumers, a trend is emerging in major cities that implement rent control.

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FCC split over new robocall regulations

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The FCC passes new regulations protecting people from unwanted robocalls.

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Dem. lawmaker slams EPA for harming Navajo tribe

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A Democratic state senator calls EPA’s threat to coal-fired power plants under the Clean Power Plan a threat to the sovereignty of the Navajo Nation.

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Pennsylvania family forced to pay $500 for a chance to keep girl’s tree house

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Photo by Rachel Martin

Elise Truchan has learned some lessons in her first run-in with bureaucracy.

“I’ve learned that people lie,” is unfortunately one of them, her father recounted to

Elise built an elaborate tree house for a eighth-grade school project — complete with sliding plexiglass windows and a rope ladder for entrants more coordinated and less wimpy than this reporter. But her family is now fighting to not have to immediately tear it town.

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