Watchdog Podcast: Behind the Headlines (Ep. 08)

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By Eric Boehm and Yael Ossowski |
This is Behind the Headlines,’s podcast that takes a deeper look at the political news being uncovered by our Watchdog reporters.
You might have heard the news, but if you haven’t gone behind the headlines, you don’t know what you might be missing.
In this week’s episode: We’ve all […]

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Net neutrality a looming threat to free speech

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While 64 percent of journalists believe the government has spied on them, the FCC’s looming net neutrality decision could have repercussions for free speech online.

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On net neutrality, President Obama just can’t take a win

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Obama’s conciliatory State of the Union address undermines his actions when it comes to net neutrality.

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A new drug, Ban-it-All, sweeping state legislatures

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Photo illustration by Steve Wilson

Ban-it-all means state legislators have a tendency to prohibit products they feel are harmful, even if it’s another erosion of freedom of choice.

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Sobering thought: Mississippi Legislature considers powdered alcohol ban

By   /  January 30, 2015  /  Government Regulation, Legislature, Mississippi, News, Politics & Elections, Regulations  /  No Comments

Photo illustration by Steve Wilson

The Mississippi House is looking at banning powdered alcohol, a product that isn’t even on sale yet nationally.

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Costs of child care regulation a heavy burden on taxpayers, families, and children

By   /  January 7, 2015  /  Watchdog Arena  /  No Comments


Government regulation of child care has not only increased costs and created more barriers entry, but it has also fell short in protecting children.

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