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Charter schools are expanding in South Carolina

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More than 30,000 students attend charter schools in South Carolina, and that number is set to expand. The Palmetto State is one of eight to be awarded a federal grant to expand school choice, and is set to receive $15 million for the program this fiscal year.
News 2 has the story.

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South Carolina wireless users could see monthly bill increase

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As consumers continue to forgo landlines for mobile service, the number of contributors has to these universal service funds has diminished along with their dollars.

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New Mexico lawmaker: State, not feds, should manage its land

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Photo courtesy of the American Lands Council

State Rep. Yvette Herrell, R-Alamogordo, thinks New Mexico can do a better job managing its land than the federal government can. Later this week, she will file a bill creating the New Mexico Land Management Study Committee to study whether New Mexicans would be better served by managing their own land.

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Nanny of the week: The out-of-control trend of arresting non-helicopter moms

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LOCK EM UP: Hey, kids, where are your parents. We've got some new bracelets for them to wear. And that see-saw doesn't look safe either, so we're going to have to take that, too.  (Image: Shutterstock)

Part 16 of 61 in the series Nanny State of the Week

By Eric Boehm |
MINNEAPOLIS — In this space each week, we try to zero in on a single politician, lawmaker or governing body using its power to limit individual freedom and choice in some way.
But, for this week, there is no singular entity or […]

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Feds: Hundreds of S.C. illegal immigrants deported annually

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DETAINED: Hundreds of illegal immigrants living in South Carolina are deported each year.

Feds: Hundreds of S.C. illegal immigrants deported annually
By Rick Brundrett | The Nerve
While Gov. Nikki Haley recently expressed frustration about 350 immigrant children placed with sponsors in South Carolina, hundreds of arrested illegal immigrants in the Palmetto State are deported every year, federal records show.
From federal fiscal year 2012 through July 21 of this year, […]

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Fireworks ban continues, as big biz lobbying influences VA House

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COINCIDENCE?: State Sen. Tom Garrett's bill on ethics was scheduled to be heard in the Courts of Justice Committee -- from which he was removed by the Democrats' reorganization.

As Virginians celebrate Independence Day — many of them with consumer-grade fireworks they bought from states such as South Carolina — there’s an unseen war waging over attempts to overturn Virginia’s ban on the sale and use of those pyrotechnics.

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