Where will Boeing land? When pols throw money at big business, taxpayers lose

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WHEELS DOWN: Gov. Sam Brownback has returned from his week at the Paris Air Show, where he met with aviation industry business leaders in an attempt to secure more jobs for Kansas. The trip cost taxpayers an estimated $90,000.

In an attempt to lure businesses to move within their borders, states offer everything from piles of cash to tax-free land and low-interest loans to state tax credits — all in the name of economic development. In theory, the free giveaways will pay for themselves because of increased employment and other economic benefits that come from landing a major industry.

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Bargains galore: A Merry Christmas for Boeing, a lump of coal for taxpayers

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BOEING BREAKS: States swoon over Boeing but what about the little guys?

Boeing Co. is doing a little Christmas shopping, and it’s finding bargains galore.

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Scholarships could lift SC school dedicated to real-life, hands-on learning

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HANDS ON: Students at the Barclay School take an integrated approach to education.

Gillian Barclay-Smith, a headmaster at a local school for special needs students, wanted to be done with administrative work.

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SC school-choice program helps special needs kids, could expand

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Special needs students in South Carolina can take advantage of grants to help with education under a budget proviso that will go into effect in January, when the new tax year begins.

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PA Week in Review: Corbett fighting through more hard times

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ith the Legislature gone for the summer and no major campaigns in the state this year, Gov. Tom Corbett is at the center of the show in Harrisburg — whether he wants to be or not.

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