States work to protect electric grid from solar storms and nuclear attacks

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POWER PUNCH: Federal data challenge energy cost claims by environmental groups

By Josh Peterson |
States are working to protect their electrical grids from solar storms and nuclear attacks, frustrated by federal inaction to do the same.
Fearful of the deadly consequences of an electromagnetic pulse, should one hit the electrical grid, states have taken the protection of their residents into their own hands.
An EMP is a wave [...]

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State tax rankings show IN on the rise, MN slipping

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THE BEST AND THE WORSE: If you want low taxes, go west but avoid California. Like paying the government lots of money? The northeast is where you want to be. (Graphic: The Tax Foundation)

People looking to save a little on their tax bills in 2014 should move to Wyoming or South Dakota.

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KEEGAN: New ‘State of the States’ fiscal crisis study recognizes reality

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ADMIT IT: State and local politicians, like alcoholics, have been telling taxpayers, government workers and themselves that they don't have a problem. If recognition is the first step towards recovery, the State of the States Report is progress, indeed

By Frank Keegan | State Budget Solutions
The “State of the States” report released recently puts hidden state and local debt at $7.3 trillion, stating: “States do not account to citizens in ways that are transparent, timely or accessible.” If state and local governments fail to act decisively now, cities, towns and counties will go bankrupt, and states could fall [...]

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IL: Long list of secession petitions includes two for Illinois

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The Illinois state flag.

By Jayette Bolinski | Illinois Watchdog
SPRINGFIELD – Add the Prairie State to the list of state secession petitions filed with the White House.
Two separate online petitions ask that the White House “peacefully grant the State of Illinois to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.”
One petition was created Sunday [...]

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COMMENTARY: Growing jobs or growing loopholes?

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