States imposing online sales tax aren’t driving business back to Main Street

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AMAZING AMAZON: Researchers found that consumers are shifting away from Amazon in states where online sales taxes are being enacted. But those consumers aren't going back to Main St. businesses, either.

By Eric Boehm |

MINNEAPOLIS — Rather than providing a level playing field or a lifeline for traditional retailers, new online sales taxes are driving consumers to other, non-taxed, online retailers.

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Wisconsin, you are (tax) free at last!

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Congratulations, Wisconsin taxpayers. You have arrived.

It’s Tax Freedom Day for all you tax-burdened Badger Staters – the day when Wisconsin taxpayers have earned enough money to pay their total local, state and federal tax bill for the year.

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Tax Day is over, but Virginians are still toiling to pay Uncle Sam

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April 15 may be over and done with, but Virginians still have to work a few more days to placate Uncle Sam. Old Dominion residents have to work four days longer this year than last to pay off their federal, state and local taxes.

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Dodging taxes? You might be keeping U.S. economy afloat

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CAN'T SEE IT: The IRS can't get its grubby hands on the fruits of the shadow economy. Maybe that's why it's become a larger and larger share of the American economic pie in recent years.

Each April 15, millions of Americans dutifully trudge to the local Post Office to mail their tax returns to federal, state and local governments.

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PA lawmakers offer up tax breaks for small businesses

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HELPING THE LITTLE GUY: A group of Pennsylvania lawmakers have proposed changing the state tax code to help small business owners.

By Andrew Staub | PA Independent
As people across the country rushed to file their tax returns on time Tuesday, a group of Pennsylvania lawmakers offered up a package of legislation that could make the process more palatable for small business owners in the future.
One proposal, from state Rep. Seth Grove, R-York, would allow small business [...]

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