Border school district sinks deeper into dysfunction

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Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department

From shoplifted perfume to millions of misplaced tax dollars, something stinks just north of the Mexican border.

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Ed experts mum on improving schools without raising taxes

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In a 2015 report on best and worst education systems, experts who contributed to the report avoided answering this important question.

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Retirees struggling to afford Vermont, moving to other states

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Photo courtesy of Pete Chagnon

Vermonters have different reasons for leaving the state, but for retirees, the decision to leave the Green Mountains and retire elsewhere often comes down to property taxes and the cost of living.

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Uber capped in NYC: Taxi industry has a friend in de Blasio

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Now, the Mayor is pushing to cap the growth of Uber and other ride-hailing apps, which have proven to be the taxi industry’s worst nightmare.

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Audit: As the middleman, many state agencies aren’t tracking federal grants

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Virginia does a haphazard job of monitoring federal tax dollars it passes along to local groups, and the state auditor’s office says that needs to change.

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Vermont taxpayers feeling after-effects of Legislature’s $63 million tax binge

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Photo by Bruce Parker

It’s been one month since the Vermont Legislature passed $63 million in new taxes, but leaders of the state’s top trade groups say taxpayers are already feeling the after-effects of the binge.

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