The broke rescuing the broke: Plan to renovate Richmond park could be flawed, costly

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By Kaitlyn Speer |, Virginia Bureau
ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Richmond’s Monroe Park seems to be the park everyone says they want to keep, but nobody wants to pay for it.
After a unanimous City Council vote, Richmond plans to hand off half of the costs for Monroe Park’s renovations to a group that’s relatively broke and [...]

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BadgerCare may cost millions more than expected

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JOBS: The Council of Economic Advisors says expanding Medicaid would create 63,800 new jobs.

If current enrollment figures hold, state taxpayers would pay $63 million more than budgeted for BadgerCare through June 2015.

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Taxpayers spent $5.4 billion on teen pregnancy in past two decades

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By Kaitlyn Speer |, Virginia Bureau

ALEXANDRIA, Va.— Virginia spent $5.4 billion in federal tax dollars on teen pregnancy over the past two decades, according to a study published by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy.

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DPI’s highest compensated employees get richer

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The Wisconsin Retirement System paid its fund managers bonuses totaling $13.1 million over four years while refusing to pay state retirees $3.1 billion in cost of living increases, a Wisconsin Reporter investigation shows.

MADISON, Wis. – The past two years have been good to high level administrators in State Superintendent Tony Evers’ Department of Public Instruction. More than half of the employees working in Evers’ office received bonuses in the past two years.

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WI senator faces vote of no-confidence after working with DPI to derail Common Core reform

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Sen. Luther Olsen faces a vote of no-confidence from state GOP members after he worked with DPI to derail Common Core reform in Wisconsin.

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Where is Virginia State University’s $186,224 microscope?

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Virginia State University President Keith Miller was looped into the finding that a former professor took some very expensive scientific equipment from the school.

When a professor at Virginia State University left her job in August 2010, she managed to take $186,224 worth of scientific equipment with her. Nearly four years later, university officials haven’t managed to recover the costly assets, assets that are worth the equivalent of roughly 24 years of tuition at 2013 rates, or enough to cover four years of schooling for six students. According to a state audit, employees never even reported the incident to authorities, as required by law.

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