Tennessee Supreme Court

TN Supreme Court justices gave money to Democrats for ‘voter contact’

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Tennessee Democratic Party

The Tennessee Democratic Party accepted nearly $5,000 from three state Supreme Court justices up for retention next month and is using that money for voter contact services, according to online campaign finance records.

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Trial lawyers ‘Better Call Saul’ for help retaining Supreme Court justices

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Saul Goodman#2

Apologies for the broad generalizations or for reinforcing stereotypes — but trial lawyers do not give advice unless they get something in return.

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Organization behind TN justices’ retention makes subtle website changes

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EASTER DRESS-UP: A photograph of Judge TImothy Easter at an event with Justice Connie Clark. Keep Tennessee's Supreme Court Fair has since removed it from its Facebook page, possibly in response to an official complaint.

A formal ethics complaint that filed against three Tennessee Supreme Court justices up for retention may have something do with pro-retention activists making a few subtle changes to their official websites.

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TN group questions whether Supreme Court justices reflect state values

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Much has been made about out-of-state money trying to influence the outcome of this summer’s Tennessee Supreme Court retention election — on both political sides — but the issue may boil down to something far less complex.

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Activist: TN media not reporting on Democrats’ state Supreme Court power

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MAINSTREAM MEDIA: Are they being aggressive enough asking questions about Democratic Party activists helping three Tennessee Supreme Court justices?

A Tennessee resident who filed a formal ethics complaint against three state Supreme Court justices up for retention has called out another group, saying they’ve also fallen short of their responsibilities — the mainstream media.

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Ethics complaint alleges campaign lawbreaking by TN Supreme Court justices

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In a formal ethics complaint, someone is accusing the three Tennessee Supreme Court justices up for a retention vote this summer of violating campaign finance and expenditure laws and misleading voters about their true intentions.

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