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MT: How much good budget news is too good?

By   /  September 13, 2012  /  Montana  /  No Comments

By Phil Drake | Montana Watchdog
HELENA – Montana is expected to end fiscal 2013 with a fund balance of $412.4 million to $480 million, a report that was received Thursday as good news — and then promptly sparked controversy about how to produce more accurate budget projections.

Legislative fiscal analyst Terry Johnson also told members of the Revenue […]

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State’s budget projections up, but officials warn it’s not a surplus

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HELENA – In the first seven months of Fiscal Year 2012, Montana’s General Fund revenues are $71 million more than they were for the same time the year before, a legislative fiscal analyst told a state committee on Friday.
And the General Fund is expected to have an ending fund balance of $426 million by the […]

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Economic diagnosis: Recovery time difficult to call, taxpayers told

By   /  December 8, 2011  /  Montana, News  /  No Comments

HELENA – Montana’s fiscal health was put under the microscope Thursday at a luncheon sponsored by the Montana Taxpayers Association (MTA), with audience members given little hope for an immediate cure for economic woes, as speakers unveiled a financial mixed bag of what the state’s future holds.

More than 100 people attended the 90th annual event at […]

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Montana may be reaping rewards from North Dakota’s good fortunes

By   /  December 7, 2011  /  Montana, News  /  No Comments

HELENA – The fruits of North Dakota’s good economic fortunes could also be benefitting Montana.
And North Dakota residents who find work in Montana could be helping their state coffers as well.

One of the many variables that may have added some oomph to Montana’s budget projections is an agreement on individual income taxes between […]

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Revenues for Montana exceeding estimates, legislative panel told

By   /  December 5, 2011  /  Montana, News  /  No Comments

HELENA – The Legislature’s budget forecaster on Monday told a state panel that revenues for Fiscal Year 2012 are nearly $62 million more than expected and will be $76 million in 2013.
And the state’s plans to have an ending fund balance of $150 million was off as well; that is now expected to […]

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46 percent of state employees make more than $60,000 in salary and benefits, report finds

By   /  November 29, 2010  /  Montana, News  /  3 Comments

HELENA – Forty-six percent of state employees make more than $60,000 in salary and benefits and 16 percent make more than $80,000, according to information provided by the Legislative Fiscal Division to a lawmaker who wants to cap employee pay.
The totals represent salary, longetivity and all benefits including insurance, Terry Johnson, the Legislative […]

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