Ohio No. 1 in transparency, but still has work to do

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ONLINE CHECKBOOK: Ohio's online checkbook is the primary reason the state jumped to top in the nation for spending transparency

Josh Mandel was surprised to learn that Ohio went from 46 to first in the nation when it comes to public spending websites. “But that number one ranking has just affirmed that what we’re doing has set a new standard for government transparency,” the state treasurer said.

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County controller: Something ‘reeks’ as authorities resist performance audits

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Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner took four local authorities to court last week, after the organizations – who together spend nearly a billion dollars a year – essentially told her that evaluating efficiency is none of her business. The lawsuit seeks an order from the judge compelling them to submit to performance audits by her office.

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Kitzhaber’s demise a tale of stonewalling the sunshine, not love

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The Kitzhaber-Hayes saga reveals the lengths government is willing to go to protect their power, not their heart.

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California’s ‘sunshine’ provisions are powerless under agency control of records

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Under the California Public Records Act’s sunshine provisions, state and local agencies are empowered to decide if a public record is unfit for the public.

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Transparency measures facing Legislature seek sunshine in Big Sky Country

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Transparency issues in front of the Montana Legislature seek to penetrate the the state’s culture of privacy.

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Virginia gets middling grade for online state spending transparency

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A B-minus may not be the worst grade to bring home to mom and dad. But when the grade falls from a B-plus on last year’s report card, while classmates continue to improve, things start to look bad.

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