Travels with Pete: Nebraska governor racks up frequent flier miles

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During his first seven-and-a-half months in office, Gov. Pete Ricketts has been out of state eight times — more than a month — for a mix of personal and official business ranging from a Chicago Cubs board meeting to a European trade mission.

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Assessing Rhode Island’s ‘sanctuary state’ status left to suspicion, anecdotes

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As one of only two states dedicated as a “sanctuary state,” Rhode Island’s lack of data leaves only anecdotes and inklings for any kind of analysis.

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Questions remain about D.C. school modernization funds

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The agency in charge of school modernization mismanaged money, an audit shows, and questions about ensuring financial transparency and accountability remain.

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Audit: D.C. government sloppy with school spending

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The government body in charge of school modernization efforts in Washington, D.C., has done a poor job of managing funds, according to a report released Wednesday by the Office of the District of Columbia Auditor.

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With great pork should come great transparency

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Legislators call them earmarks, but taxpayers prefer to call them pork — and Ohio’s budget for the next two years contains millions of dollars for them.

Oink. Oink.

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Unions question proposed restrictions to D.C. teacher evaluations

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Teachers unions are questioning the transparency and due process of a measure to permanently exempt teacher’s evaluations from public records requests.

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