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Ousted council member wins court hearing, keeps seat for now

By   /  July 30, 2015  /  News, Politics & Elections, Texas  /  No Comments


It’s a game of minutes; at that council meeting after being sworn in, her fate was debated in closed session by her colleagues, who voted the following week to remove her.

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Small town blues: Within a month, town council removes member, mayor resigns

By   /  July 8, 2015  /  News, Texas  /  No Comments


In the course of three weeks, Lake Dallas, a Denton County town of 7,500 residents, has seen the mayor resign and an elected council member bounced days after she was sworn in.

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Celebrate Constitution Day with an eye to the future

By   /  September 17, 2014  /  Commentary  /  No Comments


By Jason Stverak In the autumn of 1798, a young United States was celebrating the close of our first decade living under the Constitution. Yet that same autumn, Benjamin Franklin Bache, the 29-year-old grandson of the celebrated framer, died in prison from a yellow fever epidemic. Like his famous grandfather, he was a journalist and […]

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Could constitutional amendment reverse Citizens United?

By   /  July 14, 2014  /  Issues, National, News, Politics & Elections  /  No Comments

NO LIMITS: After Citizens United, states and the federal government can no longer limit campaign contributions from unions, corporations or individuals. But some Democrats in Congress are trying to change the Constitution to make such limits possible again.

By Eric Boehm | Watchdog.org Unless everyone can speak equally, all must be silenced equally. That seems to be the thinking behind the latest push for campaign finance restrictions, which would limit all Americans’ First Amendment rights to impose controls on how much money can be given to candidates for office. The U.S. Senate Judiciary […]

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Milwaukee board OKs $120,000 in advisory referendums for November ballot

By   /  June 26, 2014  /  News, Politics & Elections, Wisconsin  /  No Comments


By Adam Tobias | Wisconsin Reporter MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Expect to have your voices heard in November, Milwaukee County voters. Well, not really. The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors on Thursday approved a trio resolutions placing three additional advisory referendum questions on the November ballot, putting taxpayers on the hook for as much as $120,000. But […]

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In Pennsylvania, no right to remain silent in certain poaching cases

By   /  April 9, 2014  /  PA Independent, Pennsylvania, WatchBlog  /  No Comments

By Andrew Staub | PA Independent You have the right to remain silent — as long as the Pennsylvania Game Commission isn’t questioning you about possible poaching. It seemingly runs counter to Fifth Amendment protection from self-incrimination, but the state’s Game Code makes it illegal for someone to “refuse to answer, without evasion, upon request of any representative […]

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