Vermont’s McKibben behind movement to divest from fossil fuel companies

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As world leaders met Tuesday to propose new climate regulations for United Nations members, a fossil fuels divestment movement championed by Vermont environmentalist and People’s Climate March organizer Bill McKibben is attracting big supporters — including oil tycoons the Rockefeller family.

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Part 21 of 24 in the series Nanny State of the Week

By Eric Boehm |
Brownies, cookies, cupcakes and other essential elements of any successful bake sale have been banned by new rules for food in Vermont public schools.
Thanks to rules that grew out of a 2010 state law, bake sales used as school fundraisers [...]

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Report: Vermont uses ‘budget shenanigans’ to hide $2.6 billion in liabilities

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Photo courtesy of Truth in Accounting

Vermont’s legislative bean counters are engaged in highly misleading accounting practices, especially when it comes to what the state owes on employee pensions and health benefits.

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Common Core optional but embraced by some VT independent schools

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Heads of Vermont’s independent schools say federally mandated Common Core tests are optional, but that hasn’t stopped one head of school from going full speed ahead into the new, new math.

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Nanny of the Week: Vermont city could ban ‘human activity’

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I CANOE, CAN YOU? You can, at least in Montpeiler's Berlin Lake, despite the concerns of some environmental activists.

Maybe they should just clear all the people out and turn Vermont over to the moose and the bears.

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Vermont water activists, politicians call for ban on recreation, ‘human activity’

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NO MORE RECREATION!: Water activists gathered at the Vermont statehouse to denounce "human activity" at Montpelier's Berlin Pond.

In response to an agency ruling that allows kayaking and swimming at Berlin Pond, water activists and elected officials gathered Saturday to call for a ban on “human activity” viewed as a threat to Montpelier’s water supply.

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