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Vermont’s pursuit of all-payer waiver sparks health care rationing debate

By   /  July 6, 2015  /  Health Care, Issues, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

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With the Green Mountain Care Board seeking to transition Vermont into an all-payer health care system by 2017, one word continues to resurface in the discussion of Vermont’s health care future: rationing.

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Lawmakers optimistic about Vermont’s health exchange as Obamacare ruling nears

By   /  June 19, 2015  /  Health Care, Issues, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

HE LIKES IT: Mark Bearden is rging his fellow citizens to sign up at Healthcare.go.

No matter how the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the King v. Burwell challenge to the Affordable Care Act, Vermont lawmakers say they are optimistic about their state’s health exchange.

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Vermont taxpayers feeling after-effects of Legislature’s $63 million tax binge

By   /  June 18, 2015  /  Economy, Jobs + Growth, News, Taxes, Vermont  /  No Comments

Photo by Bruce Parker

It’s been one month since the Vermont Legislature passed $63 million in new taxes, but leaders of the state’s top trade groups say taxpayers are already feeling the after-effects of the binge.

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Life-long Vermonters fleeing Green Mountain state for better opportunities elsewhere

By   /  June 16, 2015  /  Jobs + Growth, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

Photo by Bruce Parker

Vacationers to Vermont dream of staying forever. But for many Vermonters trapped in the state’s struggling economy, opportunities in other states are convincing them to flee the Green Mountains for greener pastures.

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Nanny of the Week: Bernie Sanders is coming for your deodorant

By   /  June 1, 2015  /  Nanny State of the Week, National, News, Politics, Politics & Elections  /  No Comments

Photo by Bruce Parker

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, is running for president, which means we’ll get to spend the next few months enjoying the absurdity of socialist politics on the national stage.

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Watchdog Podcast: At the Races — Carson, Fiorina, Sanders and other underdogs in 2016 presidential field

By   /  May 5, 2015  /  Federal Government, Podcast, Politics, Politics & Elections, Watchdog Radio  /  No Comments


In this episode, hosts Ben Yount and Eric Boehm discuss the latest round of entrants into the 2016 presidential field.

Can outsiders like Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina make a mark on the GOP field? Will Sen. Bernie Sanders force Hilary Clinton to move to the left in the Democratic primary?

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