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Ohio earns praise for cleaning up voter rolls, but it’s not in the clear

By   /  September 14, 2015  /  News, Ohio  /  No Comments

Ohio Secretary of State

A group that once sued the state now says Ohio is a success story when it comes to cleaning up voter registrations.

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After Watchdog report, county puts 800 voters in ‘suspense’

By   /  September 10, 2015  /  News, Texas  /  No Comments

AP file photo

A Texas county with more registered voters than adult residents has taken 800 names off its election rolls.

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8 Texas counties list more voters than residents

By   /  September 2, 2015  /  News, Texas  /  No Comments photo

No law prevents localities from having more registered voters than voting-age residents, and eight Texas counties do.

Now a vote-watch group accuses the counties of violating the National Voting Rights Act by failing to purge dead and ineligible voters.

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In Texas, Hillary plays race card for 2016

By   /  August 12, 2015  /  National, News, Texas  /  No Comments

BASE DESIRE: Hillary Clinton revs up the Obama coalition in a speech at historically black Texas Southern University in Houston.

“Republicans are systematically and deliberately trying to stop millions of American citizens from voting,” she charged.

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Living behind a tree? Tougher to prove under pending voter bill in Texas statehouse

By   /  May 19, 2015  /  News, Texas  /  No Comments

By Steve Miller | Residential requirements for voting in Texas are murky at best — an official at the secretary of state’s office once said an address could be determined “by the voter.” Living “behind a tree” would be a little harder to use as an address for voting purposes under a bill authored […]

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A Florida bill would implement online voter registration

By   /  May 14, 2015  /  Florida, Watchdog Arena  /  No Comments

Shutterstock Image

A Florida bill would implement online voter registration, lowering costs, enhancing accuracy, and increasing security; it would not move voting online.

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